Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blooming Spring on My Head

After lunch we had a stroll at the park. People are having picnic with their small children. A group of toddlers from kindergarten school occupied another sedtion in the park, some children are rolling on the ground and on the elevated pavement.

Then we had this pictorial below when Mus brought out his camera. My head is shining they were laughing at me. I shocked everyone when I came yesterday with a skin head. I did not have any haircut for 8 months so I grew it a bit long, it was winter anyway.

To my left: Joo Mun Hee, Eunjin Lee, Mus, Jumok Kim, and Ah Yong

With Joo Mun Hee

Our photographer - Mr. Cheung Park

I learned that Koreans only shaved off their hair when they are in protests or desperate for something. My reason, well I want Spring to bloom on my head. A new look. Now everyone is calling me a monk. Activist I also prefer, protesting with Filipinos: Alis diyan, NOW NA... TALAGA!

Hope springs eternal, this SPRING na dapat!


Agnes Gurning said...

whooaa... this posting is really fresh from the oven... you uploaded it so fast!
yup.. you looked totaly different! hope the new look will bring a new good luck for your life! :)

Pete Rahon said...

Hi am Suyeon !

I am disappointed of I couldn't find myself in the photo but I wish you had a good time~ *^^*

(cooment by Suyeon)

twistedman said...

hi pete!

mas bagay talaga sa yo skinhead. yan yung look mo na naaalala ko.