Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Korean Child Dances in Hanbok - Part 1

Korean Child Dances in Hanbok - Part 1
Video sent by peterahon
Independence Day Korea - Liberation from the Imperialist Japan. Had dinner with Rohgan's family and we were entertained by Suyon, daughter of Rohgan.


Candace said...

Hi, Pete! Thank you for visiting my blog. I answered your questions there, but I'll repeat it here.

I had not heard of Julia Cameron, so I Googled her and found a great website called The Artists Life. This seems to be just what I need, so thank you!

No, I have not done NANOWRIMO (too frenetic for me!), but I did read the book by its founder called "No Plot? No Problem!"

I'm doing NILTOY, which is Novel In Less Than One Year. I'm enjoying that very much. There is a link to it on my blog.

What an exciting life you are leading, Pete! You are obviously a good soul. Please visit again.

Pete Rahon said...

dear candace,
really the net is make links not only to our blogs but our lives as well. I highly recommend Julia Cameron, I consider her my fairy godmother of creativity, still I am in the process of becoming creative - an expression of my spirituality as well. Good thing I found you at BE it is a very nice way to get introduced to blogs of other people. good wishes, pete