Thursday, January 31, 2008

De-clutter your blog, AddThis!

I read a blogger about de-cluttering her blogsite. I felt guilty that my blog is becoming a mess. Well it is fun at times to join the cyber-bandwagon of blogging. You visit one blog, see something cool, maybe interesting, then figure it out and the next thing the widget is on your blog.

Good thing I don’t need anymore to have all those badges, buttons, and widgets appear on the side bar of my blog. Instead I created a special section at the bottom or footer of my blog for a Widget Section, exclusive for widgets. I can’t get rid of them, having spent hours setting them up, then it took me an eternity deciding whether to remove them in just a click, no, not this time.

One reason for this is finding about AddThis. According to the site the widget is now being used by, TechCrunch, ABC, Lonely Planet, Freewebs, Tower Records, etc. The small button could be embedded at the comment section of a blog entry so it is easier for readers to bookmark and share it. As of writing there are at least 3 dozens of those popular and not so popular social bookmarking services that readers could make use of. So you save scheming (not reading readers, huh?) readers time scrolling your blog.

AddThis users can determine their popularity and ranking since the widget is equipped with a tracking system for statistics about the bookmarking and sharing activities going on. And the most important thing is, it is free.

AddThis have the following reasons why everyone is using their services:

• Easy Bookmarking - Makes it easy for your visitors to bookmark your content and subscribe to your feeds.

• Promotes Your Website/Blog - Helps send your content to social bookmarking services, which brings back more traffic to you.

• Increases Your Rankings - Increases your link popularity, which is a very important factor in increasing search engine rankings.

• Removes Clutter - Eliminates the need to include a different button for each bookmarking service.

• Easy to Install - Our button can easily be installed on almost anywhere with a few clicks.

• Free Statistics - Provides valuable statistics about how readers are bookmarking and sharing your content.

• Very Reliable - No matter how much traffic your site generates, our fast servers can handle it and reliably deliver the widget at all times.

So I hope you will try clicking the bookmark button below this post to try it out, just try it! But the thing is, you ought to sign-up with all these bookmark services to have your click counted, so sign-up now (at least half or a dozen). Well if you are a virtuoso blogger, I believe you must have signed up with at least 2 dozens of these social bookmarking networks. I wonder how you keep up with 'em.

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(with the last paragraph as an addition this was originally posted at Qassia)


Romeo the Artist said...

Yeah. Me too. I find it nice too. I got a problem though. I can't get it to look like how you did. I only get a single AddThis button which is only at the bottom. I've wanted it for each blog post. Could you teach me how?

Romeo the Artist said...

I agree AddThis is a neat gizmo for your blog. I just couldn't make it work the way you did. How'd you get it in your blog where the AddThis button is on every blog post? I only get them at the bottom of the page.