Friday, February 29, 2008

Smorty my new advertising endeavor

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

I have seen Smorty ad among bloggers sites but never picked it up since the guy with a hat looks a bit dubious to me. But reading from one of my blogcatalog group's forum I came to know that they are earning
at Smorty since there are advertisers/companies willing to advertise on blogs.

So why not give it a try so here I am posting my commercials. I welcome those who would like to advertise on my blog. Well I think it is fine to post commercial as break and then bloggers will have something to write about. But it is quite challenging sometime to be make use of those anchor words advertisers would like you to use.

But definitely I don't want to see my blog turning into a commercial site. This is suppose to be a personal blog, not an advertisement blog, a minimum commercial blog will do. For now let me experiment with how to advertise on blogs.

So what is Smorty?

Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site. Please click the title link to learn more on how your blog can earn through advertising with the advertise on blogs scheme of Smorty.

I think smorty is very smarty way to advertise on blogs and for bloggers to earn. Let's see how it works.

Ashop - My first try with a commercial

Well I have signed up with tools to make this blog earn, I am really new about monetizing blog.

So this is the first commercial that will appear in my blog - I mean that I will write about. Not just appearing as a widget on the side bar but a real entry.Well I have signed up with tools to make this blog earn, I am really new about monetizing blog.

So this is the first commercial that will appear in my blog - I mean that I will write about. Not just appearing as a widget on the side bar but a real entry.

Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software in the world providing the most up to date and relevant advice you need to start or advance your online business.

They offer a 10 day trial, to try out shopping cart software but according to the map their services is located in the US, UK and Australia. There are different categories for which you can try out the shopping cart software with its corresponding features,for the Light the starting fee is US $ 49.95/month, while the most advance Ashop Plus is worth US $ 199.95/month.

The company accepts credit card online. Clients can customise the design, features and all content of an online store in hours!

Feel free to test drive the demo store's to see the advanced functionality for yourself.

So try shopping cart soft ware now !

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Special Lunch with Pete" a video docu project

Every year The May 18 Memorial Foundation (our office) recruits volunteers to help us in the conduct of the May 18 events. The volunteers are assigned to different teams. These volunteers after the May 18 events will be asked to apply for international volunteer work, they can chose to volunteer or become interns for 10 months to our partners and networks in Asia and the USA.

One of the teams is the Culture and Solidarity Team which has three functions - media and PR, international programme, and culture.The media and PR unit is now in the process of training volunteers to do video documentation. Of the three groups formed, from among the volunteers assigned to the Media and PR decided to make me as their "guinea pig". So they dubbed their project - Special Lunch with Pete.

At past 10:00 AM we went to E-mart for the first segment of the video. They interviewed me while they do the grocery, then took photo on the way home and cooked and eat lunch. We had a very nice meal, Korean pizza for appetizer, nakji bukkom and denjang soup. Jeonn Hoon brought with him home made kimchi and bukboonja (rasberry wine), compared to the commercial one we drink, the one made by his dad tastes so good, the alcohol content is much higher even and it tastes more sweet and not sour.

The final output of their video project will be shown and I will be an audience to their premiere. So let's see how they will work on the pre to post production of their video. I hope to get a copy and will post it here.

So here goes our fotos:

at E-mart Grocery we were told not to do video recording, but we did just the same
(L-R ji eun, jeong hoon, yun mi, geum jeong)

posing at the park on the way home

ji-eun singing What's up - video below

nakji bukkom - octupus in spicy sauce

the cooks - Geum Jeong and Yun mi

ji-eun prepares batter for the Korean pizza
jeong hoon now captured by the camera while taking video

let's eat! hmmm... masissoyo, delicious, bebolayo, am full

dong yeol, the religious, he was late and came after we've finished lunch,
he just came from a church service

An Ji Eun Sings What's Up

An Ji Eun is a student and dreams to become a rock singer. She performs at school and do some gigs in clubs here in Gwangju. Together with some May 18 volunteer they came to the house to cook Korean food and document it in the process as a video project for the Foundation.

An Ji Eun Sings What's Up - More amazing videos are a click away

Story Map and First Vid at Metacafe

Activity for the day - 5 Songs/Rhymes and 5 Stories. Merry Christmas was the story to be mapped.

girls just wanna have fun

and boys too, but Mrs. Park guides them back to focus on the stroy

collective listening to the rhymes and stories
by group story listening Hanul is the student-teacher with an orphan

A mother-volunteer (her daughter and son are student-teachers for the orphans)
help sets-up the PC

kids drawing the story map

one more time - what ornaments? presents? some words the
kids were having difficulty in pronouncing

logging their entry to their journal, the title of the story, the number it was hear,
the level of the story - hard or easy to understand

a proud boy displaying his story map
a naughty one, with his story map

all smiles with their creative story map
can't get over the story? one more time, and another

then they read to the group the story with their student-teacher
having fun with vocabulary

student-teachers read their story to the group as well

pep-talk/inspirational reading

group foto

KONA Story Map at Sungbin Orphanage

Saturday, February 23, 2008

WOW, Taglish na ang Blogger

Hahahaha (malutong, crispy(?), hehehe) that was my reaction !

I tried switching the language from English to Taglish (not Filipino technically). There are some funny and unusual words that are being used or to say an appropriation of Filipino.

inu-upload - ini-uupload/ina-upload (this is hard)

preview - silip (tanaw/patingin?)

etiketa - I easily associated with ethics - bansag/pamagat could be an alternative

i-publish - could be ilathala /ilimbag

Especially that language (a national language) remains a very sensitive issue in the Philippines. Is it language or dialect? A question that linguists and social scientists are coming up with a consensus.

I do subscribe that Filipinos are for real multi-lingual, not speaking different dialects. A writer asked whether Ilocano (or the other so called dialects) is dialect of which language, definitely not Filipino or Tagalog since an Ilocano won't understand or be able to talk to a Tagalog speaker. Definitely my paternal uncle in Ilocos who has never been to Manila won't be able to speak with a maternal uncle who live most of his life in Manila.

So for that reasons at least there will be more than 70 languages in the Philippines. Well we have more than 7,107 islands (depends if it is high tide or low tide, right Ms. Binibining Filipinas-Universe).

Bring a Filipino (migrant worker or as spouse of any nationality) to any country and in a year or two he/she will be conversant of the language. Except me as shown in this blog that I am still in a toddler's level.

At least I won't get lost anymore blogging. It is so challenging that once you are in a different country say here in Korea - most search engines, installers, even blogger for that matter would assume that I can read Korean, ugh ( am still a toddler, my reading skills). Good thing my mouse is good at intuiting and finding its way through the maze so I was able to race on blogging. Funny because I still used the bottom menu (picture below) to switch from English-Filipino. Well at least I still find my ways blogging. One time I open the Blogger the menu and language was all in Korean, I just pointed the the mouse to the hypertext and saw in the address bar - language -presto I was given an option to choose. Then one time I think I accidentally click on transliteration - wow, my blog is being written in Hindi.

This effort of blogger is definitely laudable. Of course there will always be areas for improvement. But I wonder how many Filipino bloggers will be switching to Taglish given that Pinoy bloggers are so used in using English.

Still, this is such a great recognition that Taglish or Filipino for that matter is a unique and beautiful language too.

Useful Links to read:

Articles: Filipino and Tagalog, Not So Simple / How to Value Our Languages

Read this article defining what a dialect is.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

An unremarkable remarks

Lesson 2 - Nabi, butterfly

I have not posted this, it is almost a week old photos of my Korean class. The lesson, a nursery rhyme is about butterfly. My colleague teased me that she learned the song at age 4. I told here that is my level of Korean language skill. And added for an excuse that we are testing the story map pedagogy of Prof. Youngim Kim, of KONA, in my case learning Korean a reverse of the children learning English.

It is fun learning with the family since everyone is learning in the process. If the children could not find the English words they ask their parents. The parents would then consult the dictionary if they don't have the the English words at their fingertips.

I even got chocolate for valentine's gift from Hanul and ginseng slices (in packet) from the parents.

My teachers - sangsengnim ( very patiently teaching me the pronunciation over and over again)

That's my output - drawing and writing like a toddler !

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Greeting for my Mahal

Silly, squashy, sappy, mushy…

Well it is the season of sentiments, the seasons of love. I found another contest from this site, it is not the prize that is important for me but celebrating with other lovers our passion of greeting online our dearest and beloved (last day today):

I am definitely pathetic, so here is the eros of my pathos (sorry folks as they said, it is sweeter to speak your own language/mother tongue when saying love and other endearing words, ask around for translation):

Sa aking giliw,

Nangangatog na ang aking tuhod sa ginaw ng aircon; nanginginig ang mga daliri sa pagtipa ng keyboard; nababaluktot na rin ang direksiyon ng pointer sa pagpindot ng mouse; nangingindat-ngindat na ang mata sa katititig sa screen; ang aking baywang sa matagal na pagkakaupo ngawit na rin, subalit lahat kakayanin, mabuo lamang ang mga katagang kailangan kong ma-decode sa isip ng sa gayon aking ma-encode sa puso ang tunay kong damdamin, kahit man lang sa e-mail, handog at alay ko sa iyo WAGAS kong PAGMAMAHAL!

Graphics source:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I received a recommendation for my entrecard site. Although I found out that the blogger makes the same kind of remarks to other bloggers. Still it is a good pat on my blogging back, hehehe...

Oh, in exchange I made this recommendation for him :

bloggin-clickin' good! click now and comeback for more...

promise for those who would want a recommendation - I will be as creative and original (not again a Kentuckian fried chicken ad copy cat, hehehe), so try me.

Great blog! I'm sure if you view this site you'll get a daily dose of great content :) Trust me!

Much ado about Entrecard

It is the latest craze among bloggers and it is doing them a lot of good. Various contests are being created for bloggers to win points for them to advertise their blogs and for the generous to give-away.

Also today I just created at blogcatalog a Pinoy entrecard group with this link:

There is a blog about it now and I would like to keep up with Filipino entrecard members for easy access so I could easily keep updated with Filipino bloggers and advertise in their blogs.

Then I found this revised contest by Nhuong Son about entrecard. I think I' ve signed up as forum member to the Asian Economist forum he also created. So the revise contest has now a simplifier instruction unlike other contests that is so complicated to follow so I just ignore most of them so let's try this one again. Well I think more than winning is also an opportunity to acknowledge the effort of bloggers. So here are the rules to his contest (or visit this link):


1. Write about this contest on your blog linking to my site using this link: The Asian Economist (5 entries)

2. Subscribe to my blog through email (2 entries)

3. Comment in this post (1 entry)

You can do just ONE of the above or do ALL 3 and get a total of 8 entries.

Contest ends on February 12, 2008 and the winner will be announced on February 13, 2008,


Equally interesting is an article he wrote about entrecard from an economist point of view. Below is just an excerpt and a link to his site to read the full article. Wow I did not recognize that 75% tax is deducted in my transactions and that black market activities is a big possibility- hmmm, it seems virtual economy have this tendency.

Inflation in the EntreCard Community

EntreCard is an advertising platform for bloggers. You gain EntreCredit though dropping your card on other people’s blog, or other people dropping their cards on your blog, or other people could buy advertisement on your blog. Amazingly though, EntreCredit can also buy you other things such as a logo design, a review of your blog, even iTunes Gift certificate! EntreCard works because it forces people to go onto other member’s blog and drop a card. Some believe this is bad traffic, but for me traffic is traffic. Back to EntreCard.

This “miniature” economy that EntreCard is creating is booming, opposite what the real U.S economy is doing. They have over 2,500 bloggers and growing in less then 3 months of opening. Basically the more sites you visit, the more cards you drop, the more friends that drops a card on your blog, the more EntreCredit you can get. People work hard to gain those credits. In a way, EntreCredit does have real world value. People actually are selling EntreCredit for real-life currency, and you can also buy EntreCredit with real-life currency. Bloggers are evening thinking about putting services they buy using EntreCredit on their tax return .

Read more.

And lastly, there are different opinions about entrecard and here is a blog that says otherwise:

Entrecard Another Loser

So let us see and read what other folks have to say.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Year of the Rat Video

The "Rat" is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac.

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor invited the animals for a party. The first 12 to arrive was the Rat, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and lastly, the Pig. All the animals were named after the 12-year cycle that governs Chinese life thereafter.

Various versions of the Rat's story are particularly revealing about his character.

One version has it that, towards the end of the journey, the animals had to cross a celestial river, and the Rat asked the Ox to ferry him across. When they arrived on the other side, the Rat jumped down off the Ox's head and that's how gained first spot in the order of the Chinese zodiac.

Those born in the "Year of the Rat" are clever, ambitious, creative, hard-working, fastidious, charming and sociable, but can be a bit stingy when it comes to sharing their wealth or possessions.

Rats are compatible with Dragons, Monkeys and Oxen, but should avoid Horses at all costs.

In the "Year of the Rat", we can expect 12 months of plentiful opportunities and prospects not to mention being relatively free of turbulence, (which is great to know especially if you're planning on making some long-term investments, starting new projects, or keeping the home fires burning brightly).

It's also a rather fine time to socialise and grab a sumptuous meal or two with friends and family!

Read more