Sunday, February 24, 2008

Story Map and First Vid at Metacafe

Activity for the day - 5 Songs/Rhymes and 5 Stories. Merry Christmas was the story to be mapped.

girls just wanna have fun

and boys too, but Mrs. Park guides them back to focus on the stroy

collective listening to the rhymes and stories
by group story listening Hanul is the student-teacher with an orphan

A mother-volunteer (her daughter and son are student-teachers for the orphans)
help sets-up the PC

kids drawing the story map

one more time - what ornaments? presents? some words the
kids were having difficulty in pronouncing

logging their entry to their journal, the title of the story, the number it was hear,
the level of the story - hard or easy to understand

a proud boy displaying his story map
a naughty one, with his story map

all smiles with their creative story map
can't get over the story? one more time, and another

then they read to the group the story with their student-teacher
having fun with vocabulary

student-teachers read their story to the group as well

pep-talk/inspirational reading

group foto

KONA Story Map at Sungbin Orphanage

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