Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lesson 2 - Nabi, butterfly

I have not posted this, it is almost a week old photos of my Korean class. The lesson, a nursery rhyme is about butterfly. My colleague teased me that she learned the song at age 4. I told here that is my level of Korean language skill. And added for an excuse that we are testing the story map pedagogy of Prof. Youngim Kim, of KONA, in my case learning Korean a reverse of the children learning English.

It is fun learning with the family since everyone is learning in the process. If the children could not find the English words they ask their parents. The parents would then consult the dictionary if they don't have the the English words at their fingertips.

I even got chocolate for valentine's gift from Hanul and ginseng slices (in packet) from the parents.

My teachers - sangsengnim ( very patiently teaching me the pronunciation over and over again)

That's my output - drawing and writing like a toddler !

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