Friday, February 29, 2008

Smorty my new advertising endeavor

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

I have seen Smorty ad among bloggers sites but never picked it up since the guy with a hat looks a bit dubious to me. But reading from one of my blogcatalog group's forum I came to know that they are earning
at Smorty since there are advertisers/companies willing to advertise on blogs.

So why not give it a try so here I am posting my commercials. I welcome those who would like to advertise on my blog. Well I think it is fine to post commercial as break and then bloggers will have something to write about. But it is quite challenging sometime to be make use of those anchor words advertisers would like you to use.

But definitely I don't want to see my blog turning into a commercial site. This is suppose to be a personal blog, not an advertisement blog, a minimum commercial blog will do. For now let me experiment with how to advertise on blogs.

So what is Smorty?

Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site. Please click the title link to learn more on how your blog can earn through advertising with the advertise on blogs scheme of Smorty.

I think smorty is very smarty way to advertise on blogs and for bloggers to earn. Let's see how it works.

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