Thursday, April 03, 2008

For those who are good ! Happy Good People Day 08!

While following new folks at twitter I came across this posting about "Good people day".

So I would like to acknowledge and affirm our team the Culture and Solidarity Team of The May 18 Memorial Foundation (518).

As Korean would say FIGHTING! Especially that the May 18 Events slowly coming up...

Below are pictures of how good looking we are - both from the inside and out (fotos during the Tong Yeong International Music Festival 2008, Tong Yeong City, ROK).

(front me, Eunjjin, Chanho, Lynn, sunjin, Ria, Din, volunteer?, and Chris,
Cheung was behind the camera)

message from ebrake from where I got introduced about this - click the hyperlink to find out

Good Morning all. Happy Good Person Day 08. Confused?

from Flickr_photo_download__boston_tweetup__and_friends__normal nazgul My response (posted just as you sent me that)

Ode to Single Moms

here is a reply from one of my twitter friends:

JesTu Jestutripup @peterahon you are so sweet! Happy #GPD '08 back at ya and the family.

The originator's links here:

So, who would you want to greet - the day is over but it will never be late to say good, greet and affirm people...

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Romeo the Artist said...

Happy Good People Day to you too. :D Maybe you haven't checked this out yet, if you didn't then click here.