Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hanul's Football Match at Chonnam

Sunday afternnon, after the mass/church service, me and my colleague went to Chonnam National University to watch the football match of Hanul. Below are fotos I took of the university's nice lagoon.

That's Hanul in red, my camera does not have powerful zoom lens though. Hanul is one of the top player in his team. The opponents are much more smaller and younger so him and two teammates were switched to play against their former team. So all the players went home since the score was tie at 4-4. Hanul is proud to score 2 goals.

After the game the Park family brought us to a nice restaurant and they ate galbi - grilled meat, while I feasted on the pizza. The restaurant has a unique attraction it houses a variety of green and flowering plants. Photos of the family, Hanul and Hangyul.

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