Monday, April 14, 2008

Pinoys are stereotypical!

I checked the blog of betchay - buhay sa korea to invite her to a blog meme which I will be launching soon. My attention was caught by this entry with the link below:

And so I made a lengthy comments on her blog that could pass for a blog entry itself, hehehe. She mentioned several Pinoys/Pinays (Filipinos) who work here in Korea but not necessarily working the so called 3D jobs (Dangerous, Difficult, Dirty). Indeed with the millions OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers), Filipinos who work here in Korea get easily typecast as factory worker. Well, this is shared also by another Filipino friend who is the Executive Director of an international NGO based in Seoul. But it is also Filipinos who would asked her which factory she works. So she have to explain about herself.

Check the link to read more about Filipinos here in Korea.

Also, I found out the latest news of the the scoop I scooped from her blog about a Filipina bid to Korean Assembly was unsuccessful. I hope to see more Filipina actively engage in governance here in Korea.


Emil said...

I used to get the same questions too from cabbies trying to make conversation when I was working in Singapore.

BTW I'm adding your url to my link if that's ok.


toby said...

Thanks for dropping in my blog

toby said...

THanks for the advice

mon said...

I know that this is kind of late, but just the same this is to inform you that you are tag here: