Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gender Genie: Check your blog's gender

I think I have come across this a year ago and checking on their blog I found that the gender genie was up in 2006. I checked the net because I came up with some writing plans - well these days whenever I have thought of some ideas or words in mind I would check the net to figure out if my ideas are original only to find out it is so commonplace! I mean I could always find similar if not related things with that of what of mine.

So for the gender genie I used a longer blog entry since I found out that most of my blog entries are suited for internet reading - less than 500 and so many hyperlinks (ughhh, where's originality). So the text was from a blog entry about my sister graduating from nursing. The blog entry was quite long. The figure shows the text and the tracking of the genie for words.

This is the figure of the analysis - there are words particularly used by men and that of women. Check this article from NY Times about language difference of men and women.

So finally here is the verdict:

But check out this link since some women argue that they are being identified as men, maybe strong women.

Go and check and let me know your blog's gender!

The Book Blog - Gender Genie


Morning Angel said...

O! The gender genie is my favorite, new toy! I entered several texts of my writing and came out, correctly, as female on each one. Lots of fun, and I'm going to post a link on my blog. Thanks!

Pete Rahon said...

hahaha... good thing it was correct on you hehehe, because some women are recognized as men hehhehe...

Kenji said...

Sorry to write you about this here.

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