Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's driving Entrecards members crazy?

What's new with entrecard that's driving its members crazy?

For the last two weeks various improvements are happening at entrecard and members are I believe getting a bit crazy about this fast-fast improvements.

But one thing for sure the members are getting involved and engaged. I am wondering how this entrecard bandwagon could be utilized to some overwhelming changes online. I believe if the power is harness properly then this online community could very well be a potent force
to contend with on the internet.

The last time was a call to have a digg so I added several people now on my digg but I think of the 600 people only 10 or so would digg the news I shouted to them. So am not sure what entrcarders could make out with the so many people on digg now.

Then comes the comment bomb, well it was good to see entrecarders commenting in someone else's blog imagine a hundred for a single post, that is something. For my blog I think the biggest number of commenters I have is 30 over a long period of time.

Then still not satisfied with comment bomb, now a more systematic way of commenting is put in place through the new and official partnership between Entrecard's and SezWho. As of writing I believe thousand of members of entrecard have installed the widget already on their site so that's another accessory or widget aside from the bloggers entrecard banner. Well for me blog I have streamlined a bit and put banners s-me I could not see anymore inside a page so I just created a link to those widgets.

So whats going to happen now with SezWho - entrecard members will be encourage not only to drop their card on somebody else's blog but to readand comment sincerely. This way members gets to interact with other members and in the process earning points.

Below is the letter I received from the Entrecard team explaining more about the benefit of the partnerhsip with SezWho.

July 15, 2008
San Francisco, CA

Greetings Entrecard members,
It is my absolute pleasure to announce Entrecard's official partnership with SezWho. SezWho is the web's best comment application for your blog. For Entrecard members, SezWho is going to increase the quality of your Entrecard traffic 100 times as all your droppers start to leave comments, and it will give you an exciting new way to earn credits by leaving valuable comments on each others' blogs.
The full announcement, complete with the "How it works" guide, is on our blog here:
The basics go like this:
1.) By installing SezWho on your blog, others will earn credits when they leave you comments, and you will earn credits when you comment on others.
2.) Go to this URL to register for SezWho and notify Entrecard:
3.) There is a check-box on the Entrecard Browser, to search for only SezWho enabled blogs.

The benefits of participating are:
1.) You'll get A LOT more comments as members are more motivated to comment on you.
2.) You'll earn credits for comments you're already leaving!
3.) As you become motivated to comment more, you will start receiving more and more traffic, comments and subscribers.

We're also holding a secret contest to win 5,000 credits, here:
Write a post, get a secret title for it, post a tweet on twitter, give sezwho a whirl, comment on another blog talking about Entrecard - SezWho and win 5,000 credits. One entry per person. Credits also paid for partial completion.

Entrecard Team

What is SezWho?

SezWho is a universal profile service that engages your community and enables content discovery. SezWho is all about making the Social Web truly social. SezWho enables content rating, universal user profiles, and reputation-based content discovery to be added to any social media site. The SezWho service works with blogs, forums, wikis, video/picture sharing sites, discussion boards and anywhere else where people contribute content and engage in conversations. SezWho is focused on delivering benefits to all participants in social media interactions: . Readers can easily distinguish credible content and commentary, and they can follow contributors as they participate on social media sites across the web . Contributors gain web-wide recognition for their insights and expertise, with a universal profile that accumulates a record of all their contributions, across all communities . Site-Owners and Publishers can spotlight and leverage informative, high-quality content to engage their communities and drive traffic

Here's a link to their demo:

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DewKnight said...

SezWho is my new favorite thing on the internet. I'm hoping that enough bloggers will use the system correctly, rate all comments they see, and comment as much as they can. Even you didn't get credit for comments, I would still comment, and still use SezWho.

The problem with the Digg thing was that too many people were submitting and digging posts that had no right to be on Digg. Too much of it was spam, poorly written, and would have no usefulness to anybody but the blog author. Plus the shout system is abused so that these junk stories get sent to everybody, then nobody actually gets on to digg the good stuff.