Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oooopsss, no postings!

Have not posted for a long time.

Busy posting at the 518folkschool blog (Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School). Today we had the closing ceremony after two weeks of lecture, workshop, and field trips.

Tomorrow will be the solidarity nite. I hope human rights defenders from all over Asia will have a blast. We will be staying on a place perched above Korea's famous tea plantation called Boseong.

So check out our photos here -


brainteaser said...

Heyyo! Wen, apay manmano ka met nga agposten?

Super busy? Ayapo. :-)

betchay said...

ganyan talaga pag busy... LOL

i like Boseong... it's so just splendid at dawn... i love the green tea cookies and candies... i wish i could go back there someday!