Sunday, August 03, 2008

Shinan Moments: 3rd Mud & Island Festival in Shinan County

Below is the slide show of the fotos taken at the 3rd Mud & Island Festival in Shinan County last August 1-2, 2008. Sorry folks I am still learning the art of photography so fotos here are not as artistic and fantastic. Anyway it is the fun and unguarded moments that counts to make up for it, hehehe...

I have lots more of photos but I have to upload this set for your urgent request to savor those "Shinan Moments". To all my new friends from around the globe, enjoy.

Guys my apology some of the photos were edited - get permission from the ladies first if they want your fotos with them sent to you hehehe... Otherwise I will be the keeper and guard of those unguarded fun moments... (Note to Sandy it is you who is the most prominent here, since I got your persmission, is that correct? (hehehe) otherwise let me know if it is too much to show off...)

Photos sets here : parade, torch run, evening program, fun nights-counting and drinking and k___, mud, mud, mud, group photo op, by the road, on the boat back home, bye-bye, dinner at lotteria


Brainteaser said...

Hello gayyem... Kumusta?

Off topic toy ibagak, hehehe. I-linkka idiay blog ko, ah?

:-) Ingats lagi... Itugawakto ti agbasa kadagiti postem. :-)

yoyo said...

I'm yoyo,the chinese girl.Do you remember me?How are you doing now?
You have taken a lot of photoes.So perfect!So,could you tell me how can i get the photoes?Thank you^^

betchay said...

uy akala ko sa boryeong lang may mud festival... hehehe

ni-tag kita... for team philippines!

Brillie said...

Woww... what a good shinan moment. Congratulation...

Hey, take a look my blog too and thanks for placing my entrecard banner today :)

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