Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hubspot Website Grader

A website grade of 96.5/100 for means that of the hundreds of thousands of websites that have previously been evaluated, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 96.5% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others.

The website ranks 31,163 of the 906,057 websites that have been ranked so far. The software is constantly being upgraded and the algorithm enhanced. The number of potential recommendations provided by the tool is also increasing frequently.

Website is assessed according to ON/OFF page SEO using: metadata, images, interior page analysis, readability level, google page rank, google indexed pages, traffic rank, in bound links, blog analysis by way of technorati and alexa, social bookmarks like diggs and delicious.

Details of their assessment on my blog here:

The web technologies on metrics are being born each day but not a definitive metrics have been establish yet to claim that theie measure is the be and all of web metrics. Still I'd invite you to check them out. Of course hubspot has a product to sell. Check their links here:


Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

thanks for all you do. binigyan kita ng apat na award! hehehe Congrats!Kita kits tayo ulit sometime, chat...

Pete Erlano Rahon said...

wow 4, dami naman deserve ko ba iyan hehehe... thanks to the board of judges... hehhehe

bayin luwad said...

Wow, congrats Pete!

Narito na ako para batiin ka. Guess who?

Samu't-sari ang nakikita ko sa blog mo at nag-iisip ako kung paano mo inaalam at ginagawa ang lahat ng iyan!?!