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I have been and continue to be skeptical of swine-flu especially when I heard that a vaccine is being developed to cure the flu. But what was more alarming is World Health Organization's (WHO) declaration of a pandemic. Although deaths recorded were not as large scale as that of the bubonic plague to be categorized as pandemic.

It seems my skepticism is being validated by an email now circulating exposing swine flu as a hoax. An act of bioterrorism being perpetuated by big businesses or pharmaceutical corporations in connivance with health officials of government and much worst by officials of WHO.

> Subject: IMPT: Falsehood Behind the Man-Made Swine Flu
> Pandemic - Please read and watch video link
> To:
> Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009, 8:03 PM
> This very disturbing email came
> today and I hope you can all take time to read it and watch
> the YouTube link of an interview with Jane Burgermeister, a
> medical journalist who exposed the diabolical plan of Baxter to contaminate vaccines and generate
> global fear for financial gain. Jane has filed
> criminal charges but the effort faces monumental risks for
> her life, while the program for mass
> vaccination proceeds without proper investigation and
> security measures. Please do some in-depth research before you
> agree to take the swine flu vaccine most especially your
> children. You can also go to Jane
> B├╝rgermeister's website: www.theflucase.com for more information.
> Love and thanks,
> Cora
> Dear Cora,
> I want to bring your
> awareness to a diabolical plan that has been rolling out for
> some time. That plan is to use mass infection to kill off a
> significant part of the population, generate fear amongst
> those who remain and place close controls upon them.
> This is a plan that has been in the
> works for a long time and as those who control the game see
> their power being eroded, everything is being thrown at
> rolling this out.
> In one sense, it began with the
> swine flu virus that was released in April, 2009, though in
> a broader sense it is much longer ago than this. This was a
> man-made virus that was anticipated to achieve their aims.
> Today, the penny dropped into the
> slot as I watched the Project Camelot interview with Jane
> Burgermeister http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PelTWCUmTsU&feature=related. Jane is a very brave woman.
> From Jane’s website http://www.theflucase.com- I have filed criminal
> charges in Austria against Baxter and Avir Green Hills
> Biotechnology for producing and distributing contaminated
> bird flu vaccine material this winter, alleging that this
> was a deliberate act to cause a pandemic, and also to profit
> from that pandemic.
> Those behind the swine flu virus
> have moved on to Plan B. Infect the population using a
> vaccination contaminated with bird flu and ideally slip in a
> nanotech biometric chip whilst they’re at it.
> I strongly encourage you to watch
> the Project Camelot interview with Jane. Having done so, I
> urge you to take whatever action you can to alert every last
> person you know about what Jane has uncovered and refuse
> this vaccination. And if you are drawn to, take more direct
> action on this. It is time for humanity to take our power
> back. We have been willing to give it away for far too long.
> Perhaps this is the thread that
> will expose the extraordinary abuses that have been meted
> out to us all, the lense through which the general
> population will begin to see all of the nefarious ways in
> which our reality is manipulated to disempower and control
> us.
> As with the swine flu virus,
> efforts will be made to render the vaccine benign, however
> this is no reason to not reject this abuse of
> humanity.
> Watch the interview at
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PelTWCUmTsU&feature=related.
> And take action. Please share this
> email far and wide.
> Blessings, Joy, Love and
> Peace.
> Richard Presser

What if the claim below of Jane Burgermeister is true? So who do we trust with our health and well-being. Imagine nanotechnology being used and tiny microhip is injected on humans to monitor their health (segment 39:40), perhaps even induce diseases and activate their medical vulnerabilities for them to secure patented and licensed medicines and treatments offered only by these big pharma corporations.

As Jane Burgermeister said" My message, time is running short that we, all of us now have to recognize the scale of certain danger to us individually and collectively. We need to take steps, organized to stop this mass vaccination as soon as possible".

Miss Burgermeister not getting enough support from the media (segment 41:50) for her expose has now filed (segment 12:43)a case against the Baxter's swine flu mass vaccination in Vienna. She is calling for an organized civilian resistance to the vaccine (segment 14:48).

As of July 2009 there were six cases of death reported in the Philippines. Should these victims families seek justice once this swine-flu case is found as an act of bio-terrorism?

RP's swine flu death toll rises to 6
(philstar.com) Updated July 30, 2009 06:57 PM

MANILA, Philippines (AP) - Philippine health officials say three more people have died of swine flu-related illnesses, bringing the country's death toll to six.

Lyndon Lee Suy said Thursday that officials have confirmed 3,207 swine flu infections since May and 2,975 of the patients have recovered. Suy is the head of the Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases Program of the Department of Health (DOH).

The health department stopped giving regular updates on swine flu after the World Health Organization ceased requiring countries to submit regular reports of individual laboratory-confirmed cases.

WHO has asked countries to instead shift to reporting unusual events such as clusters of severe or fatal infections.


Read more about Baxter here - http://www.baxter.com/

Checking on their website, the company has presence - corporate offices in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic,Finland,France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea,Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand,Norway,Poland, Portugal,Russia,Singapore,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Taiwan,Turkey, United Kingdom,
United States,Puerto Rico, Venezuela,

However, I have yet to know if mass vaccination is being implemented in these countries.

The company boast as being Recognized Among World's Most Ethical Companies and 100 Best Corporate Citizens in their press room link here:

To know more about Jane Burgermeister - check her website here - http://theflucase.com/

And the people behind Project Camelot - check them here

Informing ALL Global Officials
of the Inherent Dangers of the H1N1 Vaccination Program

Flyer -OperationFaxtoStoptheVax


Monday, September 28, 2009

WANTED help for Victims of Typhoon Ondoy or Ketsana

Community Orgamizers Multiversity (CO Mu;tiversity) http://comultiversity.org.ph/ serves as the headquarter for the relief and operations for members of the Urban Poor Alliance a network of peoples organizations or communities concerned on housing rights. These communities whose houses are located along rivers banks of Pasig or esteros of Manila were badly affected by typhoon Ondoy or Ketsana.

Some of the urban poor communities that CO Multiversity worked with especially KV1 Action Group were relocated in Kasiglahan Village, Montalban, Rizal also called Erap City, a place known as catch basin for floods. Here is a quote about the environment situation of the place:

The environment and Erap City

KV1 is part of the 2,500-hectare Erap City project, according to the executive summary of the Home Insurance Guarantee Corporation. Touted as the “first ever well-planned socialized housing city undertaken in the country,” Erap City is developed by the New San Jose Builders, reportedly the developer of ousted President Joseph Estrada’s grand Boracay mansions.

KV1 sits on the San Jose Flood Plains. Its development already affected the villages of San Jose, San Isidro, Puray, and Macabud which are near the critical watershed areas of Angat-Ipo, La Mesa, and Marikina.

Several NGOs say that the housing construction already caused the denudation of forests and leveling of mountains in the area. The Bunga, Gabi, Lilid and Palapad creeks have been choked and filled. There is great possibility of soil erosion, siltation, contamination of rivers, and flash floods affecting not only Montalban, but also the cities of Marikina, Pasig and Rizal province in the future.

Aside from flash floods, maps from the Philippine Volcanology and Seismology show that Barangays Macabud and San Jose are found in the upper block of the West Marikina Valley Fault lines. The area is prone to surface rupture in the event of earthquakes, which makes the lives of residents in greater danger.

Inside almost every household in the community is posted the image of the bleeding and dying Christ nailed to the cross. It might as well stand as a grim reminder of how the ousted president popularized himself as the “poor man’s savior” and peddled the lie that his projects for the poor – such as Erap City – would make them happier for the rest of their lives. Nobody knows happiness in this city. #

Source : http://www.bulatlat.com/archive1/009erap_city.htm

Previous post about KV1 and their advocacy for water:


For those who would like to donate cash you can send it through:

Acct Name: CO Multiversity
Peso Acct No: 1991-00-3122
US Dollar No: 1994-00-7234
Bank Name: BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island)
Branch: Kalayaan, Diliman Quezon City

For other initiatives to help the typhoon victims please refer to these links:






Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Change Politics Movement Vows Support for Noynoy Aquino for President

Asserts Need to Change Politics Now

We are leaders and members of NGOs and people's organizations (POs) and citizens from all walks of life, coming from 47 provinces and 13 cities including NCR, who have come together to re-claim politics from the hands of politicians who betrayed the people's trust. We have united and are acting to change politics from a “dirty word” into a badge of honor – marked by integrity and simplicity, commitment and service, people centered development and justice.

We are the Change Politics Movement, now numbering 4,602 members. Since our establishment on May 10, 2009, one year before the 2010 elections, we have been actively engaged in searching for “change politics” candidates whom we will actively support and campaign for in the 2010 elections. We believe that in order to change politics in our country, citizens must engage in “change politics” and actively support reform candidates. We began with agreeing on the criteria for such candidates, which centered on their integrity and track record, immediate and strategic agenda to restore the Philippines in the track of good governance and democratic reform, and capacity to win power for reform.

Then, we had nominations from our members, deliberating in groups of 10 or more, and choosing whom they believed passed the criteria among the emerging national candidates. We then strove to get to know these nominees, sponsoring candidates forums, preparing profiles and deliberating and discussing among ourselves. Last August 28, 2009, we started our 2-round voting process involving all our members to democratically select the national candidates that our movement would support.

In the middle of counting the votes Sen. Mar Roxas made his historic announcement last September 1, 2009, regarding his withdrawal of his candidacy for President, and his support for Sen. Noynoy Aquino. We were inspired and encouraged that a long-time politician could rise above his personal interests and ambition, and put country and the public good first. Sen. Roxas' declaration of support for Sen. Aquino was swiftly followed by similarly laudable statements from Gov. “Among” Ed Panlilio and Gov. Grace Padaca. Sen. Roxas, and Gov. Padaca were among the leading nominees for our movement's candidate for the Presidency.

Soon after, what had been a growing support for Sen. Aquino among our members, developed into an overwhelming clamor. _82% of our members, voting through text or on-line last Monday, September 7, 2009, manifested their support for Sen. Aquino to take up the challenge of running for the highest position in the land during this difficult period.

We thus declare our support for Sen. Noynoy Aquino's candidacy for the presidency. We believe that Sen. Aquino's integrity and commitment to good governance; his track record as a legislator in human rights and social reform especially in local governance will provide the needed leadership for change that the country needs.

We believe that we need to change politics in our country now. We cannot allow our country to continue to suffer from politics devoid of integrity, transparency, justice and concern for the poor. We need change. For change to happen, ordinary citizens – non-politicians - must be actively engaged in politics and governance, including supporting reform politicians during their candidacy and when they are in power. For change to happen, “change politics” politicians need to step up and demonstrate true public service and leadership for reform in their words and deeds. We are happy and hopeful now that we are able to see the beginnings of the change we aspire for.

Huge challenges lie ahead of us. But we are united and resolute in our efforts; we have faith in the Filipino capacity to stand up for what is good , for what is right, for what is just. Inspired by Ninoy and Cory Aquino, together with Sen. Noynoy Aquino we shall overcome and change politics to Politics for Change.