Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to find the New Philippine Embassy in Itaewon

The first and most prominent landmark is the Grand Hyatt Hotel (GHH)on a hilly top of Itaewon where the Namsan Park/Seoul Tower is just a stone throw away. From the gate of GHH go down a bit at the Hoenamu gil where the Royal Norwegian Embassy is located. In that corner go down 30 meters and you will find at the first corner the Gabon’s Embassy, enter the street twisting to the right and few steps the gate to the Embassy. Actually there is another gate which is at the main street across Algeria’s Embassy but there’s a big notice (as of writing) for visitors to make use of the back door/gate. Fotos are provided below to help locate the place.

I went to the place by subway getting off at Noksapyeong Station (Line6), used exit No.1 then crossed the street. The bus stop for Bus No.3 is across the street under a foot bridge (Warning - do not take bus No. 3 just outside/few steps from exit No.1 which is the opposite route). Map below shows general location of the place so better figure it out where GHH is located for other commuters to access.


#5-1 Itaewon-dong,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Postal Code: 140-201

Contact Numbers
Telephone(82+2) 796-7387
Hotline 010-9365-2312
ATN Direct Line(82+2) 796-2403
Fax Number(82+2) 796-0827
* Hotline numbers are available for emergency calls
during non-working holidays, weekends
and after-office hours.

Location Map of GHH

or refer to this link:


Cher@Surviving Korea said...

finding the new embassy was way too diificult than it's past location....argh!!!!! plus the entrance is on the other side of the busy street

Pete Erlano Rahon said...

naligaw din ako noong una hehehe... anyway alam na natin, so weird ano hindi sa mainstreet ang entrance...

Hyanne said...

Thanks for this info very helpful, I think kailangan kong magtrial ng punta d2 para next time na punta ko eh kabisado ko na.. :)