Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Here at Community Organizers Multiversity

Here at my former NGO Office meeting my friends and folks.

Had breakfast with Luz and Beth at McDo and purchased bibingka as pasalubong for Joseph. I had pansit for lunch with them, and ice cream for snacks.

Nothing haD CHANGEd, so they say. Yes even the taho, the mais and ice cream vendors, brings me back to the same voice that I used to hear 2 years and 6 months ago. Their salary did not increased as well, life is such and we have to continue living, and for me leaving this place, my country again hopefully so I have something to give my sister for her tuition fees.

MUCH have remained though - the humor, the laughter, the zest for life, the commitment for social transformation seems to continue burning in them when I left.

Well I look forward meeting the rest of the friends and acquaintances, tonite Jane and I will meet.

So much to really post here and I really hope to find time to post them all here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gosh folks are reading my blog !

Yes, kinda blushing but flattered to be informed that some folks are reading my blog. Two nice folks at COMSOFIL have told me so. Anyway I have to post just the same. Well blushing because what i post are unedited spur of the moment -freewheeling write up.

Okay today is my second day here in the Philippines, from the airport after dinner with the folks at Sta. Mesa i proceeded to the bust station at RCJ and boarded and ordinary bus that left at 9:30 PM. Heard commotion by a lady who was not brought to the destination she told she be brought. Then woke up with my jetlag unaware were we are, then another awakening to find out that the radiator of the bus is busted. Finally arrived home at about 8 AM and of course that's a delay of 3-4 hours i guess with the normal drive.

Today I am here at the net cafe called Data Link here in Batac Ilocos Norte. I just came from the field to harvest my brother Nom's string bean for his thesis, with us is Tatay and Nannan. I went ahead them since I ll be proceeding to Cavit, Laoag and join Junjun for Eman's graduation. Escited also to find out about Grace who is said to be acting like a fashion model - never dress with ordinary clothes, but pang-alis clothes and I learned last nite that she converted her tube into a mini skirt - how about that for a fashion sense hehehe.

Well one bobo though - I called Fides and jane to meet up with them but since I ran out of load i missed the lunch served by Fides and Jane a bit pissed off from her interrupted - well love-date I guess hmmmm...

Also I have sent the remaining contributions to COMSOFIL, the feature article and tne news report. The last part of the feature article I made last nite until past 12 midnite joining Nom writing outline of his thesis. Good for me also to overcome my jet lag ( slept the day I arrived home from 10Am to 6PM).

I hope to post those I plan to post here.

Baskasyon Na !