Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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Comments from Friends re my Posting

(Note: most of the names here are concealed or incomplete since I did not ask these friends that I am posting their emails to me - bad... I just want to see all their comments in one place so here they go:)

from the blog comments:

Agnes Gurning said...

whooaa... this posting is really fresh from the oven... you uploaded it so fast!
yup.. you looked totaly different! hope the new look will bring a new good luck
for your life! :)

2:17 PM

Hi am Suyeon !

I am disappointed I couldn't find myself in the photo but I wish you had a good time~ *^^*

(comment by Suyeon)

2:49 PM

twistedman said...

hi pete!

mas bagay talaga sa yo skinhead. yan yung look mo na naaalala ko.

5:40 PM

From Filipino friends:


Ei, musta? I was at the G8way last Sat(Mar 20) hoping I could catch the
showing of one Cebuano Film and dear, did I miss you when walked
it's hallways. . . . .

Hope you can comeback soon. . ..

Hi Pete! You look so nice with your skin head! A activist...That's good! Bagay na bagay saiyo. Lumabas an pagkapogi mo! Very different from the skin heads of ________, of course! Tama ka. Alis diyan. NOW NA. This spring na!

Napaka-elegante mo brother sa skin head mo sa lahat ng pictures mo. Mang-iba-iba talagang seasons ang naabot mo diyan sa Korea. You're there quite awhile now. Marami ka talagang ikukuwento sa amin pagbalik mo dito.

Dear Peter,
So here you are again with your skin head cut. Tama sila. Bagay nga sa iyo ang ganyang cut. Back to your 90's.Kumusta ka na ? you seem to be enjoying a lot and making the most out of the folk school there...Its summer here at mainit na talaga.Tuloy tuloy pa din action sa kalye na puning puno ng hamon... hindi sila tatantanan ni Madame D and Co.


Abbot Richard R. Mickley, O.S.Ae., Ph.D.
Mar 21 (18 hours ago)
this I gotta see. And yes, when you get back I am gonna make you a monk!!!

From a friend in Europe

Hi Pete -

Is this a safe message?? Looks TOO much like a virus!


From a friend in Riyadh, KSA

T, Arsenio
Mar 21 (18 hours ago)

Hi Pet,

How are you??? Just see your new entry blog in the net, that a nice one…. A nice cut.

Bagay sayo, I saw the picture seems that you enjoy… and that is why I agree with you… “LIVE LIFE…LOVE LIFE”

From a friend in Japan

Dear Mr Spring

Nice to see your latest photo in the website.
In Japan, people (males) shave off the hairs when they want to "renew" their life, or want to "reborn". Hair is interpreted as something unclean, something to be purifired. I think it is related to the Bhuddist teaching.

For example---person who lost in love--- could shave off their hair.

I have sent you a short message through postal mail. I hope you would receive it soon.

Here in Japan it is also getting warmer. Cherry blossoms are about to open.
Please take care,

Dear Pete,

This is J--, I am glad to hear your latest news, and I saw your pictures, specially your hair. And we thought that you look better than before. You look like Korean and look neat and genuine.

I think that you can think over changing your religion into Buddism, kk(joke only).
Also, I can recommend you that you hold the press conference and anounce your statement against Arroyo's recent violence over people.

We are fine, and I hope to see one Korean? who are in bold hair and eat Korean food sooner or later.

Take care and enjoying your last part of life in Korea.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blooming Spring on My Head

After lunch we had a stroll at the park. People are having picnic with their small children. A group of toddlers from kindergarten school occupied another sedtion in the park, some children are rolling on the ground and on the elevated pavement.

Then we had this pictorial below when Mus brought out his camera. My head is shining they were laughing at me. I shocked everyone when I came yesterday with a skin head. I did not have any haircut for 8 months so I grew it a bit long, it was winter anyway.

To my left: Joo Mun Hee, Eunjin Lee, Mus, Jumok Kim, and Ah Yong

With Joo Mun Hee

Our photographer - Mr. Cheung Park

I learned that Koreans only shaved off their hair when they are in protests or desperate for something. My reason, well I want Spring to bloom on my head. A new look. Now everyone is calling me a monk. Activist I also prefer, protesting with Filipinos: Alis diyan, NOW NA... TALAGA!

Hope springs eternal, this SPRING na dapat!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Google Adsense earning !

I earned US$0.41 today, 16 March 2006, this is fun, I hope it accumulates and really earn with this thing that I am crazy doing - blogging and vlogging. Well why not earn with your blog if you can and if you must.

I hope to find readers, attract them and of course I need to create a good and quality content though...

Watch out !

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Korean Child Dances in Hanbok - Part 1

Korean Child Dances in Hanbok - Part 1
Video sent by peterahon
Independence Day Korea - Liberation from the Imperialist Japan. Had dinner with Rohgan's family and we were entertained by Suyon, daughter of Rohgan.