Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Versatile Coconut: An Oil or A Vodka

So here is my take to this cultural blog exchange. This is cute, actually, and I like it. So what do I foresee in this - an opportunity to promote our local Philippine products that don't normally get's noticed to the international market.

Perhaps blogger could really tell the world that they make a difference and I hope this will make difference - this cultural exchange through blogs.

So what I am up to - I can exchange products from the versatile coconut, famously and alternatively known as the tree of life; with either, a virgin coconut oil or coco vodka.

Just check around the healtful benefits of virgin coconut oil, some would even claim that it can be used to cure AIDS, that is yet to be widely proven, but I was told by a balding friend that he's growing his denuded head-forest cover with the coco oil. There are lots of other health and beauty benefits of the oil - check and google the web.

As for the coco vodka locally known as lambanog - well there's an art of drinking the vodka especially in Tayabas, Quezon (South of Luzon)and it is such a very polite way to social drinking. Men and women alike love to drink this spirit and they said they never get hang-over no matter how much they drink.Read more article by searching the web - coco vodka or lambanog.

So what to exchange with:

my virgin coconut oil = your virgin olive oil

my coco vodka = any red or white wine

so let us begin the exchange!

gpx sources:

A Creative Blog for Cultural Exchange

What's it all about?

Welcome to Gimme Your Stuff, the cultural exchange blog where you can swap items of significance to your area with items from others around the world. A conduit for many an international cuisine to change hands. A place where you can trade a newspaper from South Africa, or a CD from Finland. A place where we take no responsibility for anything anyone else does. A place where we are Changing the world with other people’s stuff.

The Rules

You can post, search, and meet here, you discuss and organise somewhere else, and we take ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILTY for broken agreements, international postage violations loss of privacy or anything else that may go on. We will not follow up any undelivered goods. Please check both countries' postage/quarantine laws before posting foods.

...just covering our arses.

A month in the Philippines

I missed the CO Multiversity R and R in Bataan, ughhh… anyway I will have my time in the beach, some time?

I made a visit to my folks in Ilocos and had a great time with my ’kins (8 nieces and nephews, I have 10 of them but Ryla was in Nueva Vizcaya, and Krishna was just days old). I had a tea party and story telling with them and took photos and video of their rowdiness and contagious playfulness.

After three days I came back to Manila to do my work with the STOP CHACHA. I agreed to work with Dinky until July 2006, while waiting for my assignment to get finalized with CO Multiversity.

I helped facilitate the travel of CO Multiversity contingents to the Gwangju International Peace Camp held last 15-19 May 2005. Haji Quiranto and Beth Gallardo made a presentation with Ayyi as an observer. Beth brought with her the Gwangju News magazine and the article I contributed was the cover since it has to do with May 18, an important date in Gwangju City, being the date of the Gwangju Democratic Uprising. Another article about the international internship program of The May 18 Memorial Foundation was also featured.

My brother Junjun left last 28 May 9 (from port of Cebu), back sailing the world seas. Zaldy, seaman also, will finish his contract by June and Vjoy will come back to the country from the US in August for vacation, by then I might be working in Mindanao. So, I might not have a chance to meeting both.

I’ve met several friends already. First day of work I Makati, I got an invite from Ros to watch her dance in the fashion of Dita Sandico-Ong. I took her fotos and video. We had lunch together and learned about her plan to travel to Germany. Her boyfriend, a Pinoy-German invited her to stay there.

I had a wonderful chat – face to face this time with Jane. Hahaha… she is still in her old form of being “pahid” (quirks). It was our same dialogue, of not being appreciative of the blessings and fortune that we continue to experience.

Work-wise, I had attended several community fora, met with the mob committee, the steering committee and the rest of the key figures on the STOP ChaCha campaign. Well, it is a privilege to be working with those who are involved in the Black and White Movement and the Black Friday Protest (no more Black Fridays, a case won already, since the Supreme Court had declared those repressive orders of GMA like EO 1017 are unconstitutional). Before I just used to read there blogs and re-blog them now am dealing with them on real-time.

There’s a post I made about the first mob I attended at the COMELEC at my other site: rebolusyon2006. I will be engaged in more on these kind of actions, so that blog would be more, perhaps, busier than this blog.