Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Versatile Coconut: An Oil or A Vodka

So here is my take to this cultural blog exchange. This is cute, actually, and I like it. So what do I foresee in this - an opportunity to promote our local Philippine products that don't normally get's noticed to the international market.

Perhaps blogger could really tell the world that they make a difference and I hope this will make difference - this cultural exchange through blogs.

So what I am up to - I can exchange products from the versatile coconut, famously and alternatively known as the tree of life; with either, a virgin coconut oil or coco vodka.

Just check around the healtful benefits of virgin coconut oil, some would even claim that it can be used to cure AIDS, that is yet to be widely proven, but I was told by a balding friend that he's growing his denuded head-forest cover with the coco oil. There are lots of other health and beauty benefits of the oil - check and google the web.

As for the coco vodka locally known as lambanog - well there's an art of drinking the vodka especially in Tayabas, Quezon (South of Luzon)and it is such a very polite way to social drinking. Men and women alike love to drink this spirit and they said they never get hang-over no matter how much they drink.Read more article by searching the web - coco vodka or lambanog.

So what to exchange with:

my virgin coconut oil = your virgin olive oil

my coco vodka = any red or white wine

so let us begin the exchange!

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Rikki said...

That's some cool cultural stuff you've got there! I'm sure if I had AIDS, i'd order a case of the coco oil pronto :)

Aussie Ambassador for Gimme Your Stuff

Lori Witzel said...

Oooh, coconuts!

Well, although I could find you virgin olive oil made right here in Texas, I've tried it and didn't really like it much (maybe the tress have to get older or something, it's a new agribizness here.)

And Texas is very restrictive about alcohol, although Tito's Handmade vodka is excellent and local (and of course there's mescal for true local firewater.)

So...go see my GimmeSwap post, and see if there's anything you'd like, and let's "chat"!

Danielle Lemons said...

I'm up for some non-hang over Vodka! We can do a swap for Red/White wine or whatever else you may want. Check out my blog and let me know what you want and we'll get a swap started! (you can email me from my profile, there's a link)

Pete Rahon said...

thanks for the reply, ladies, so danielle and I will start the wine flowing, (hehehe) I hope people join in to flood the blogosphere with wine and vodka and other stuff... I wonder if I'll be putting up a wine cellar soon?

esta's bookmarks said...

Hello Pete,
Would you like some Australian olive oil for a bottle of your oil.
Or a bottle of Australian wine for your vodka.


Anonymous said...

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shrinkingfoodie said...

Coconut vodka sounds wonderful. I have access to many wonderful wine stores here in Chicago-- have you incurred any problems receiving wine from the US?

Get back to me.

Ken Chicago

Pete Rahon said...

dear friends,

am soooo sorry for not responding to your comments, as you can see I have not updated this blog for ages, fermenting good as vintage, ughhhh... anyway I am caught up with our political conditions here and it seems I'll keep you wait to celebrate and toast the cheers when we have a president impeached and ousted, sorry for not so ambassodorially diplomatic comments here, but I am wanting to get out of this hang-over of our political dillema. I hope you understand and I hope to fulfill a more cultural (not so political exchange soon. My apoligies for not keeping up with my commitments to all of you! good wishes and we need also your good wishes that soon we have a new government worthy of celebrations!

Shara said...

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Chrissy said...

Hello! I would love to trade you something for coconut oil... maybe I can find you something more interesting from the USA than olive oil? Would you like me to send you some of the maple syrup we make here?

Let me know what we can arrange!
<3 Chrissy