Monday, August 21, 2006

Despedida Party for Jane and Bruce

My good friend Jane Austria and Bruce Young had left the country for Florida, USA. Jane will study masteral for the next two years, surely am going to miss her, but better that way so I won't expect and get frustrated not meeting her here in the country (hehehehe!).

Many friends came to bade farewell to the couple. Plenty of chit-chiryas were brought including a jug of lambanog which was dried few minutes it was served on the table with the chi-charon.

It was not very long the Iska got tipsy obviously red in her brown skin and drag me to discuss polyamory, hahahah!

We all related fond memories of jane (sorry bruce we don't know you that much), it was a celebration of tearful-laughters and said our good wishes to the couple.

To Jane and Bruce, tell we meet again. To Jane bring that Diploma for us to celebrate again.

Thanks to all who brought pika-pika and to Miok for the nice painting.

(Finally a new entry to my long lost un-updated blog... ugh.)