Thursday, July 12, 2007

Camera Shy with Officemates

Lyn with the camera, we asked her to take our fotos, so her goes:
(Characters: lyn, thency, chris, and the blogger of course)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Modeling for Gwangju Community Media Center

Our "agent"-boss Mr. Chanho Kim asked me and a colleague - Thency of Malaysia to pose as models for Mr. Mo Cheol-hong, a photographer doing a promotional brochure for the Gwangju Community Media Center. The building was constructed for a year and inaugurated just last month. They want to promote the place as much like the intent of the law- the right of the public to be informed and free access to information; the center is accessible to the public both the local citizens of Gwangju and its foreign guests or visitors. So our fotos were taken in most of the sections of the center : news-room, sound/music editing room, video editing room, etc.

The profile of us models: senior citizen, person with disabilities, foreigners, and homemaker. We enjoyed the pictorial a great deal so you can see how we beam the fun in our smiles: