Saturday, October 20, 2007

CCAP Presentation

Photos taken in the middle school in Boseong where I introduced my country. This school is quite unique since the students are stay-in, wake up at 6 am for morning exercises and sleep at 11pm after finishing their evening lessons. They are pretty much well rounded, they are even exposed to playing golf. I have the impression that the school emphasizes cooperation and unity rather than competition.

I show a video I got from You Tube about the Philippine hip-hop group winning the 2006 World Hip Hop Competition and observed that they are so eager watching it - well it is their Hip-hop generation - mine was the ancestor - breakdancing- hehehe...

Playing puzzle with Philippine images. I gave Philippine peso coin as award to the winning teams.

The winning team with a piece of the puzzle apparently missing.

Philippine-Mexico-Korea. Madelein is a student of this school, she hails from Puebla, Mexico. A participant of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. The other lady is my Korean Interpration Volunteer, Lee Eun Young an Education student at Chosum University. At the bottom pix is another student of the school.

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