Monday, January 21, 2008

Blog romantic not a blog pragmatic

I am crazy having my blog visible and entrecard has proven that my blog is gaining audience. So if you want to donate those points I am willing to accept them so I could advertise in those expensive ad sites.

Blogging was my way to get rid of boredom when I worked in the Sahara, since Iam not so used to it my first entries were fotos, but looking back they really speak so much of my state then more than any words and I could still feel the sense of ennui whenever i look at them.

My concern though is that blogs these days seemed so much focused on earning rather than expressing yourself. Well tides of change, online journaling/diary writing/blogging has taken a new face.

Social network ought to be monetized so people have to have lots of networks and should belong to all social networks, quantity is supreme over quality, well that is the case now. But still I do believe that it can be made more virtually up close and personal.

Blog romantic not a blog pragmatic here!

(This is an excerpt of an article I am in the process of writing)


Colin Campbell said...

Well put. I immediately click through overly monetised sites. Ultimately many of these will fall over when people realise that there is only so much you can do to monetise your site if you have crap content.

Pete Rahon said...

thanks Colin...

I saw one of your other blogs - blogpower - I have also a political blog 9revolutionary even hehehe), I like the concept of empowering each other's blog - Power to bloggers (that make sense)!