Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do you brag?

I've been seeing blogs with a bragster logo so I finally signed up.
This is my account and check out my bets:

Below is an intro about the group.

About us

Have you never told a friend "I bet you can't do this"? At the office, in the pub, while watching TV... We started paying attention and realized that it's everywhere! was founded mainly to record all the crazy things our friends were bragging about, but never seemed to happen. They would bet for pretty much everything (a bottle of champagne, washing the dishes, going bald) but even if something did happen, somehow the settlement was always 'forgotten'...

With, we wanted to combine the power of online communities with the fun of having dares, challenges and bets among friends. There's a competitive spirit in each of us, challenges everywhere and sometimes you just got to bet on it!

We hope you enjoy the site. Please tell us what you think and keep coming back as we continue to improve it.

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