Friday, January 11, 2008


Thanks feedjit for the free service! I don't need to sign-up just cut and paste their code and voila I can monitor the visitors to my site. Well I used such service before but it was removed since I can't buy their service fee to bad for them now they are taken over by feedjit.

So here's an entry from their blog:

Welcome and News, lots of News!
November 30th, 2007

107 days since the launch of Feedjit we’ve finally got a blog of our own! Lots of news to tell…

Our friends at SixApart have written about Feedjit this week on Typepad’s official blog. You’ll also find all 4 of Feedjit’s widgets in the Typepad Widget Gallery. A warm welcome to the many new Typepad bloggers who installed Feedjit today!

We launched two new widgets yesterday. Our Recommended Reading Widget and our Page Popularity widget. These are both designed to help bloggers and webmasters make their sites more ’sticky’ or less ‘bouncy’ - pick your favorite buzz word.

Search engine traffic and traffic from sites like Digg and Reddit generally has a high bounce rate. Visitors arrive, they look, they leave. Our two new widgets help you show off your best content and can help reduce that bounce rate by drawing visitors deeper into your website.

Feedjit continues to grow at an insane rate. We’ve just passed 12,000 bloggers and websites using Feedjit in just over 3 months and we’re serving over 70 Million widgets per month now. Our sign up rate continues to increase, so hold on because this is going to be quite a ride.

Our page popularity widget which we launched yesterday was suggested by several of our users. We rely on your feedback to shape the direction Feedjit is going to take and we’d love to hear more of your suggestions! Either email us at or just post a comment here.

Keep an eye on this blog for new product announcements and Feedjit news.


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