Monday, January 14, 2008

Internet Services to Check Out

Well there are several internet services that are invitational because they are still in their beta mode. These services promise to offer monetary gain. So I have signed up to the following:

YUWIE is an online social networking service that allows our members to set up personal profiles for the purpose of linking to friends and sharing information, videos, blogs, and pictures. Yuwie members can view each others' profiles, communicate with old friends and meet new friends on the service. Yuwie also pays our members for based on the amount of activity they have, and based on the activity of their referrals. To enrich our members' experience, we request and display some personal information to other members and visitors, which allows our users to identify each other and expand their network of friends. Yuwie members can change their profile information at any time and can control if and how other members and the service communicates with them, and views their information.
(Cut and paste the url since it is invitational)


Qassia is a credit-driven intelligence engine coupled to a cascading tag-based web directory. What exactly does this mean? It means that Qassia will change your life.

Good stuff your websites will like
At Qassia, you can add your websites for free, and without having to add reciprocal backlinks. You'll get unlimited quality backlinks (as opposed to "no-follow" backlinks). You can also add intel. Short for "intelligence", intel is a tidbit of information. Qassia rewards users who add intel in three ways.

1. Backlinks You get one backlink for every piece of intel you add. Every intel will carry a direct backlink to one of your sites. So the more intel you add, the more backlinks you get.

2. Credit When you add intel, you also get credit, in the form of Qassia dollars. Your net worth in Qassia dollars determines how well your websites rank in our directory.

3. Revenue When your intel is displayed, you get 100% of the advertising revenue generated by that page. That is not a typo, by the way: we give you ALL of the gross ad revenue.

This means that website owners have triple incentive to contribute intel. The contributed intel will allow Qassia to become a vast repository of intelligence, with unrivalled original content. And a vast amount of original content draws traffic like honey draws ants.
(Click link to access the site/referral system)


What is an Entrecard?

Entrecard is your business card 2.0. It's a 125x125 image which represents you and your blog. Its part advertisement, part business card. It comes with a widget you place on your blog, so that others can leave their Entrecard for you. You can also use Entrecard to promote your blog and launch free advertising campaigns.
Who is Entrecard for?

For now, Entrecard is just for bloggers who own and operate their own blog. Down the road we may open it to other internet Entrepreneurs who own and operate other websites.
Are their entrance requirements into the Entrecard network?

Yes, first you must be the owner of a blog. The language of your blog must be english. Finally, your blog must not be a spam. If you are not the owner of the blog you register for, if your blog is not in English, or if its spam, your account will be deleted out of our network.
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Entrecard and Blog Catalog are linked, I get to know those who click my ad and referrals from Entrecard through the list of viewers from Blog Catalog

Bloggers Unite In Acts of Kindness
January 2nd, 2008

When we started Bloggers Unite in 2007, it was our belief that the best social networks are born our of a sense of community — people who share common interests and experiences. We knew that bloggers could do good, and do good together. Our most recent challenge proved that to us more than any other challenge before it. Why? Because the lives you touched through Bloggers Unite — Acts of Kindness asked BlogCatalog members and other bloggers to take action first and then blog about it.

The results were amazing. Thousands of bloggers, some who are community members and some who are not came together under the banner that bloggers, can do good and do good together. Did these bloggers change the world? We think so.

Through acts of love, kindness, and compassion, they changed the world at home, in their neighborhoods, in their communities, and around the world. The did not just write about it, but took action to prove that we can make a difference in the world and that even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way. There were thousands of posts; and dozens of bloggers added links so they could be considered in our challenge. We read every post, watched every video, and looked at every picture. And while there were no losers, we are please to announce the following top 20 posts for this challenge. Thank you all for making this such a success. Together, we changed the world. And if you don’t believe me, see for yourself …

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