Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It passed unnoticed!

I came across this page today. It was seven long years since that fateful victory of the people was made into mockery by GMA. The mistake was - she was the constitutional and legal successor! I hope another lesson learned. But today the people have enough of People Power, but still, hopeful, that there will be changed a real revolution to happen.

I was there during the first days, going to EDSA excitedly while sending text messages along the way. We distributed food to those who stayed overnight, performed in the morning to do some exercise and awaken the people to continue keeping guard of the place. We were the secretariat assisting the command until the place was taken over by showbiz and political celebrities.

This year I have forgotten about it, I have forgotten that we put a person unworthy of People Power. But I will always remember that I will always be a part of the Filipino People clamoring for change!

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