Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oooopsss, no postings!

Have not posted for a long time.

Busy posting at the 518folkschool blog (Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School). Today we had the closing ceremony after two weeks of lecture, workshop, and field trips.

Tomorrow will be the solidarity nite. I hope human rights defenders from all over Asia will have a blast. We will be staying on a place perched above Korea's famous tea plantation called Boseong.

So check out our photos here -

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Experimental Witch Project winners soon to be announced

The Experimental Witch Film Competition Trailer

I am one of the 4,625 friends of Paulo Coelho at Facebook, so I got an email from him and learned from an article at NewStatesman that winners of the Experimental Witch project will soon be announced - on his birthday on August 24. So fans of Paulo Coelho out there watch out for this!

Below is is his e-mail and excerpt of his article.

Up close and personal, by Paulo Coelho
To members of The Experimental Witch

Dear Readers,

"Despite my being in this remote region, I wasn't alone: people were travelling with me through the words of my blog."

Love, Paulo

Share and share alike

Then, one day last year in Geneva, after visiting the blogs of some of my readers, I had an idea: why not work together? From this simple thought emerged the Experimental Witch project. I extended an online invitation to participate in a film adaptation of The Witch of Portobello. Aspiring film-makers were asked to film one of the 13 tales that the book interweaves and post the results on YouTube. Musicians could use MySpace to send ideas for the soundtrack.

Now, the submissions are all in, and the winning entries will be announced on my birthday, 24 August. Though some excellent work may be left aside in arriving at a manageable length for the film, this distant collaboration means I have been able to see the film my readers picture as they read my work.

So I looked at Jeff after he'd finished his questions, and asked him: "What else should I do?"

Apparently, Jeff thinks I'm doing just fine.

Paulo Coelho's "Brida" is published by HarperCollins (£14.99); visit

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Shinan Moments: 3rd Mud & Island Festival in Shinan County

Below is the slide show of the fotos taken at the 3rd Mud & Island Festival in Shinan County last August 1-2, 2008. Sorry folks I am still learning the art of photography so fotos here are not as artistic and fantastic. Anyway it is the fun and unguarded moments that counts to make up for it, hehehe...

I have lots more of photos but I have to upload this set for your urgent request to savor those "Shinan Moments". To all my new friends from around the globe, enjoy.

Guys my apology some of the photos were edited - get permission from the ladies first if they want your fotos with them sent to you hehehe... Otherwise I will be the keeper and guard of those unguarded fun moments... (Note to Sandy it is you who is the most prominent here, since I got your persmission, is that correct? (hehehe) otherwise let me know if it is too much to show off...)

Photos sets here : parade, torch run, evening program, fun nights-counting and drinking and k___, mud, mud, mud, group photo op, by the road, on the boat back home, bye-bye, dinner at lotteria