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Joy RojasTakbong Pangarap 2009

From joy roxas

12 pairs of rubber shoes ready for use

120 days allotted to complete the run

100 days for running

20 days allotted for rest

5,000 kilometers to complete the trans-American run

50 kilometers to cover per day

6-7 hours to run a day

8 minutes to run each kilometer

1 woman, a Filipina named Joy Rojas to prove that there’s no limit to the Filipino Spirit!

Takbong Pangarap is Joy’s dream run, the ultimate (but perhaps not the penultimate) run of her life after proving herself that she can reach Pagudpud from Davao on foot. Covering a distance of 2,000 km South to North of the Philippines. Why run, like Forrest Gump? Joy derives happiness in running. It is also her goal to inspire people to live longer with a healthier lifestyle and raise funds for the two beneficiaries of the run. Both the Social Services Division of the Philippine Heart Center and the Anti-TB Program of the Inner Wheel Club of Quezon City District 378 will benefit from this project.

She thanked and encouraged bloggers to help her promote her cause online and reach out to the whole global Filipino community worldwide for support in a bloggers event held at Powerbooks this afternoon.

Joy will start her run in California, USA on 10 May 2009 just in time for her 44th birthday and hopeful to conclude it by September 8, 2009 in New York City. Filipinos communities in the US are being invited to join her when she run and pass by the States where they live. Aside from the 100 days allotted for running she will also have 20 days for rest and meeting with Filipinos/Fil-ams and raise awareness on the issue of TB (Tuberculosis), running, healthy lifestyle, and inspire these communities that there’s ”no limit to the Filipino Spirit” with Joy’ feat as example.

This endeavor for now is relying on the help and assistance of volunteers, few corporate sponsorships and donations. The Takbong Pangarap Team is calling on Filipinos from around the globe to extend their assistance in kind (moral/spiritual support, word of mouth) and in cash.

Also, bloggers are encouraged to post their blog to help promote this event through this link:
Takbong Pangarap (Dream Run)/Trans-USA Run 2009

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noemi said...

You are so supportive of Joy and the takbong pangarap. Thanks for the Bloggers Unite site