Sunday, October 11, 2009

Charter for Compassion

Reflections on Compassion for Communities of Faith

The Charter for Compassion will be introduced to the world community on November 12, 2009. Leaders of communities of faith are invited to speak to the faithful on November 13-15, urging them to restore the principles of compassion to the heart of their faith and their lives.

Possible Points of Emphasis

Compassion is most clearly and simply expressed in the Golden Rule which can be read as both “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” and “Do not treat others as you would not like to be treated yourself.”

A commitment to compassion calls us to live in the world conscious of all with whom we share the Earth and Earth’s bounty and resources.

Compassion insists that, in recognition of our common humanity, we treat every creature with justice, equality, and respect.

The Charter for Compassion calls all religions to mutual respect of one another and insists that all compassionate interpretation of scripture denies hatred and violence.

Compassion calls us to a courageous life in which risks are joyously taken on behalf of a world in which all people must be fed and housed and clothed and freed.

Compassion is not only a matter of the heart, but a mindful commitment to engage one’s whole self in the alleviation of suffering.

The call to compassion is addressed to religious bodies, to governments, to businesses — yes, even to the military. All whose power and decision-making affects others need to honor the sanctity and safety of all.

Compassion can be a dynamic force in protecting the Earth and its generations yet to be born.

Compassion calls us out of our narrow self-centered selves, saves us from wasteful self-involvement, and opens us to the well-being offered to those who share themselves, their resources, and their love with all of humanity.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bloggers be inspired!

(Gang Badoy of RockEd Philippines' Keynote Speech during the Philippine Blog Awards 2009) Thanks to fritz for this video.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Noynoy Aquino Calls for Volunteers

Volunteers Wanted!
(Local and International)

Please call:


Sali na po kayo, taya na kayo!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Oxfam Great Britain Vacancy Announcement for Typhoon Ketsana Emer

Oxfam Great Britain, a development and humanitarian organization based in the United Kingdom is responding to the disaster brought about by Typhoon Ondoy. We need energetic Filipinos to share with us the vision and passion to uplift our countrymen from poverty and suffering and be assigned to any of the following areas : Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna and Cavite provinces.

If you share the same passion and vision, come work with us initially for a fixed term employment of three (3) months (with possibility of extension) and apply to any of the position below:

Programme Operations Team:

  1. Public Health Engineers – assess and analyze public health needs and recommend sustainable solutions. Select, design and construct the most relevant and appropriate water and sanitation systems in coordination with the Public Health Engineering Coordinator.
  2. Public Health Promoters – collect relevant secondary data pertaining to disease patters, health seeking behaviour, facilities and government programmes that might influence the way the public promotion intervention is carried out. Implement hygiene promotion activities, train and supervise the Barangay Health Workers in all evacuation centers.
  3. Emergency Food Security and Livelihoods Project Officerssupervise the food security component of Oxfam’s programme. This will primarily involve work planning and regular systematic monitoring of the food security elements of the programme.
  4. Project Officers will work closely with partner NGOs and be responsible for the distribution of non-food items. He/she will responsible for targeting and identification of beneficiaries and defining distribution mechanisms and monitoring.


Logistics Team:

  1. Logistics Officer – negotiate for supplies with local suppliers and obtain quotes as required including producing a monthly price list for standard items. Responsible for purchasing, dispatch of stocks/supplies/equipment and vehicle management.
  2. Warehouse Officermanage the warehouse and stocks. He/she will ensure an efficient and systematize procedure and process of receiving and releasing goods for distribution.
  3. IT Officer – maintenance of the office IT system, troubleshooting and support on IT related procurement.


Finance and Human Resources Team

  1. Donor Contract Management Officerwill work closely with Donors for the contract implementation and requirements.
  2. Human Resources Manager - contribute to the effective and efficient management of the emergency programmes in the Philippines by providing HR advice and support. Ensure that Oxfam GB Human Resources procedures and minimum standards are adhered to and applied fairly, and that adequate procedures are developed, implemented, and maintained.
  3. Human Resources Officer – contributes to the development and ensure implementation of Oxfam GB’s Human Resource policies and procedures with the emergency response team. Keep the office informed and updated on developments/changes in OGB’s HR policies and procedures including recruitment, contract preparation, induction and exit processes.


Information/Communications Management Team

  1. Information/Communications Manager/Officer

Collation of information from the programme and support teams and dissemination to external and internal stakeholders, analysis of information received and capturing key learning points. Supporting Advocacy and Communications Team in policy analysis based on programme learning.


At Oxfam, we believe that every aspect of our work can lead to a positive outcome. Make the most of this considerable challenge by personally submitting your CV to (kindly specify the position you are applying for. Due to the urgency of filling up the positions, be ready for a possible interview on the same day):


Efren Tadeo

Human Resources Manager

Oxfam Great Britain in the Philippines

4th Floor, Panay Corporate Center

150 Panay Avenue, Quezon City 


Deadline for receiving applications: 10 October 2009


We particularly welcome application from women and people from indigenous backgrounds.