Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mabuhay ang Samahan ng mga Bloggers sa Pilipinas!

I am joining a Bloggers Association here in the Philippines. The official name is still being finalized. Also, Filipino expats and OFWs find "national" (for a National Bloggers Assoc.) as limiting and may not encompass their global presence.  

I previously worked for an NGO that emphasizes the importance of CO – community organizing. We help communities organize themselves, train leaders and identify issues in their community.  Organizing is a form of empowerment especially among marginalized groups who are uneducated, poor, lacking of resources, does not have connections. The only leverage they have to be listened to and have their issue addressed is through their organized force in their effort to lobby, negotiate and meet face to face those who are in power.

I have seen urban poor leaders that we have trained consummate their community issues. Their initiative and effort of organizing  their communities and effecting change in their lives and making their settlements more livable so remarkable.  

Definitely there will always be power in an organized group and I like to see such collective voice consolidated from among bloggers as well.

Surfing the net I came across bloggers association in different parts of the world, many such groupings exist in other countries. In the Philippines alone there are several blog groups in the Visayas and Mindanao. So why not in Manila or the in the country that will also represents the global Filipino community?

I trust that the people who are initiating this kind of initiative are good with their intentions of forming such association. I admire their effort for taking leadership role in trying to bring together “individually-challenged-coming-together” – individual bloggers who are very challenging, fascinating and interesting people!

I have read blog posts about the ayes and nays of forming association among bloggers and respect all those ideas.

But I would like to be part and give this initiative a chance of bringing together bloggers,  that I hope will keep its mission of upholding freedom of expression and being helpful to bloggers. And having join the group on my own volition, I can always disassociate myself if I don’t see that the organization is keeping up with the ideals it purportedly sets forth.

Mabuhay ang Samahan ng mga Bloggers sa Pilipinas!

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