Friday, December 02, 2011

May 18 Memorial Foundation Recruiting Interns

The May 18 Memorial Foundation is recruiting once again international interns. Below is their letter to their contacts, I was an intern myself beloging to the pioneer or first batch in 2005.

Greetings friends of The May 18 Memorial Foundation,

As 2012 is approaching, we would like to announce that we have opened
the annual internship program application. The internship program is
an imperative part of the Foundation’s mandate to promote
international solidarity and further the promotion of human rights
across the world. Through the internship program the Foundation aimsto
build concrete solidarity through the exchange of human resource and
also to nurture outstanding individuals to lead global civil society.

Thus we would like to request for your help to spread our call for the 2012
International Internship Program. Please click at the attached link to
find out more about our 2012 international internship program.

Best regards,

Solidarity Team,
The May 18 Memorial Foundation

Find out more information here:

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