Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Am at the King Abdul Aziz Public Library-Muraba

Yes I discovered this library and the free internet access here. Also they have a small stacks of English books, am reading the Arabic literature of course. Yesterday I visited the National Museum and spent 4 hours going through the exhibit - started with creation and ended up with the Pilgrimage and Hajj. Very excellent display - a world class indeed. Around the museum is a nice park and one adjacent being constructed a great way to attract people.

What I particularly like is the rock art and arabic inscription on rocks - very nice indeed.

Then I had a chance also to visit the exhibit on horses, such wonderful and noble creature. One painting that particularly struck me was of a white horse. The way its golden hair was painted looks like as if it was pluck from him/her and pasted in the canvass so real ! Also, I was able to get some materials for Andre, I hope he still like horses.

Well I came to know a bit of the history of the country that hosted me for more than 2 years up until now and availing this free internet access.

Well I really plan to spend most of my free time here reading those books and accessing the net, hmmm....

Well I want to be home !

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