Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Balikbayan Box

Dyaaraannn … the transformation of a box !

Here I go again!

I worry what to put,

I worry how to put things…

Finally ready to go!

I’ve done this for the second time, first time in Saudi, now here in Korea. I was then so anxious how many kilos I will incur with the 2 cargo boxes more known to Filipinos as balikbayan box. Although, I consider my box more of a trash box, well the contents were largely scraps, news clippings (US invasion of Iraq, terrororism, bombing, etc.) some memento of the place, my journals, purchased books and a few of pasalubong (give away gifts, especially dates). I am not sure what had happened to my books and scraps I just hope not eaten by rats!

Coming to Korea I was charged US $70 for overweight baggage, last Sunday I spent US $120 for my sea cargo box from KB. The same old stuff, books, clothes and a few knick knacks, largely magazines and tourist brochures gathered from the different places I visited here in Korea. Thus making the box so heavy.

I really wonder why I have such predilections of not being able to part with things I may not use after all. Well a Pinoy trait, I never learned how to travel light. Even just for an overnight I carry with me a knapsack whose content is good for two days.

I told the cargo agent to give me just a small box but I was told only few order such box and what is available are the jumbo boxes. Indeed, when I set it up I have to ponder how to fill it up. I gathered all magazines put them in the box, now very heavy yet but not yet full. So I went for grocery and bought some pasalubong (gifts), since the seaweeds are bulky the box could not contain them all. A new problem cropped up what to do with the rest. So now I have to bring with me an extra box. Originally I planned to travel just with my suit case but now it is not possible. Good thing the seaweed packs are very light no worry for overweight though.

I saw one installation art at the MET (Philippines) about balikbayan box , I think made by Tence Ruiz. It resemble like a dinosaur from the gargantuan crate boxes to match box size boxes for its tails. Perhaps the dreams of every Pinoy to bring home a box full of goodies, for those who made it a success. But for others they could only bring a match box to light their cigarette, puffing away their frustration of failure sometimes of their own doing at other times as victims of circumstances.

The box finally picked-up but I wonder what will be its fate. I just hope it will reach its final destination two weeks after. Until now my back is painful carrying it down with the cargo guy. We dragged it down the remaining steps since I can’t help carry it further down stooping.

So I am making an ad here for the KB – Kabayan Sea and Air Cargo Express. Contact Ronald (Seoul, main branch) his mobile number is 016-240-8105. The Gwangju City Rep is Annielyn (a Filipina married to a Korean, with a daughter and son. I came to know her thru Annalyn, president of the Assoc. of Filipina Women in Korea) her contact details: Tel (062) 362-5887 and Mobile phone – 011-619-5887 or 010-866-9050. The addy of the Seoul Branch is at the bottom of the box.

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2)Tales of missing 'balikbayan' boxes

3) I read somewhere a nice piece about this balikbayan box but could not find it, anyway a lot more to read on the net just search it on google.

This is how it looks like after packing several kilos of stuff, stuffing a jumbo box uhummmmm... sleepy... self-portrait, they call here in Korea, self-camera.


BalikbayanBox said...




Filipino-Americans in the NY-NJ area starting this spring can ship balikbayan boxes to the Philippines through United Parcel Service (UPS), the world's leading package delivery company.

This was announced by Joel Belen, president of Send Company, who said that his New Jersey-based customer service firm struck a partnership agreement with the shipping giant for it to pick up and deliver the balikbayan boxes to the Philippines. Send Company is launching the service in NY and NJ for a flat introductory price per box. Each box will be limited to 70 pounds, Belen said.

"While it is true that the balikbayan box business in the east coast is crowded, we are confident that our original business concept, value added service and with UPS' known efficiency and reliability we will still be able to get a major share of the growing market. Customers have diverse preferences. We cater to hardworking individuals who yearn for good personalized service," he said.

Specially designed Send balikbayan boxes will be made available in Filipino stores for $5 each. Once the box is ready to go all the customer has to do is call Send Company's toll free number to pay for the shipment and arrange the date and time for the brown UPS truck to pick it up.

The Send Company president said that customers will soon be able to track by computer the location of their boxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For customers who do not know how to use computers they can call Send Company direct through its toll free number and speak with a representative in English or Tagalog, he said.

"Sending balikbayan box is a tradition for many Filipino families in the US. Family members take part in preparing the box for the trip half-way around the globe. Our mission at Send Company is to ensure your package is handled properly while in transit. We partnered with UPS to achieve that."

"Starting this spring, men and women in uniform will pickup balikbayan boxes, and transport them in big brown trucks. Send Company will follow your shipment like it is our own. We aim to provide the best customer care should problems occur. Your satisfaction is Send Company's highest priority. Our web site and professional staff will be available to answer your questions, comments and concerns," Belen said.

He disclosed that Send will expand in due time its operations to other states.

"This is just the beginning. Opportunities look bright and boundless. Filipino-Americans will soon beable to send balikbayan boxes from anywhere in the US. We will announce availability of service in the nearfuture."

"It is a privilege to be part of this exciting venture with UPS, and UPS looks forward to serving our kababayans throughout the nation. We hope to be our customer's first and best choice for all their shipping needs," Belen said.

For more information, call 888.337.SEND or visit the website:


Filipino - Asian Bulletin - April 5, 2006

julie said...

Tatak Pinoy, mas marami pang lamang padala ang balikbayan box kesa sa dala ng may-ari ng kahon :D

Maligayang Huwebes.

robin said...

hi there! would you know the contact number or address of this KB kabayan cargo express here in the philippines? a friend of mine who's workin' in korea sent a package for her family 5 months ago but her family here has not received the package yet. we'd like to verify the status of the box sana.. hope to hear back from you asap. thanks!

miss_cherrylyn21 said...

omg!!!am getting ready to send all my stuff and send it to philippines,.am gonna using k.b cargo express,.what should i do????hindi ako sure baka di makarating box ko!!!

Anonymous said...

i read your story.. makakatuwa.. self portrait and really doing all the bbox box alone..i was wondering why the MISSING BBOX colum you wrote here was "BLOCKED" siguro they dont want people to read na dishoneslty is all about!!! ngek!!

btw, kb is good ba? i wanna try super gem, how about?

Take care and enjoy life..

Anonymous said...

hello po gusto ko mg padala bagahe to calbayog city philippines but i live in jeju island...and if it's possible for me to send to pi from jeju please anyone can give me a contact no.? plz plz plz!@!!!

Anonymous said...

hello po sir, help naman po, gusto ko rin mag padala ng box using kabayan cargo paki send naman po yung contact nila dito sa SK. thank you in advance