Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pix Featured at the Hankyoreh

This article is from the online site of Hankyoreh were the newspaper featured the Gwangju Community Media Center. Although the photos were us (their models) but the article is not about us, but rather the services of the center and made mentioned of the individuals who would benefit from the center if - based from the little understanding I could get from the Babel fish translation.

Well for those who could read and understand Korean, click this link:

사회적 소수자, 카메라로 세상과 소통하다
광주미디어센터, 장애인·외국인 등에 영상교육
비장애인·내국인 주류시선 벗어나 ‘다른 목소리’

“장애인을 향한 시선이 아닌, 장애인의 시선이 담긴 영상을 만들고 싶습니다.”
지난 22일 광주시 서구 금호동에 있는 방송위원회 광주시청자미디어센터. 이 센터에서 영상제작을 배우는 지체장애인 김형호(27)씨는 앞으로 만들 프로그램을 구상하느라 신이 나 있었다. 그는 매주 수요일 장애인을 대상으로 열리는 강좌 ‘세상을 찍어라’를 수강하는 재미에 푹 빠져 있다.

두달째 이 강좌를 들어온 정종수(37)씨도 “교회에서 카메라맨을 맡고 있지만 촬영에서 편집까지 체계적으로 배우니 새롭다”며 “완성도 높은 작품을 만들어 역량을 인정받겠다”고 말했다.

이들은 이날 자신들이 촬영한 영상물 〈나의 꿈, 나는 걷고 싶다〉를 편집하느라 열띤 토론을 펼쳤다. 강좌 때 배경음악으로 케니 지의 연주곡을 쓸 것인지 만화영화 〈이웃집 토토로〉의 주제곡을 따올 것인지를 두고 결론이 나지 않자 쉬는 시간에도 양보 없는 설전을 벌였다.

Lost in Translation

This is my new source of fun. Translating my blog to another language. Too bad that Bahasa is not yet a featured language. I hope soon I will find it avaialable, well, I have not explored that much.

For those interested to affix a web translating command on their web/blog check out this site:

Okey, below are samples:

Original English text:

Our "agent"-boss Mr. Chanho Kim asked me and a colleague - Thency of Malaysia to pose as models for Mr. Mo Cheol-hong, a photographer doing a promotional brochure for the Gwangju Community Media Center. The building was constructed for a year and inaugurated just last month. They want to promote the place as much like the intent of the law- the right of the public to be informed and free access to information; the center is accessible to the public both the local citizens of Gwangju and its foreign guests or visitors. So our fotos were taken in most of the sections of the center : news-room, sound/music editing room, video editing room, etc.

The profile of us models: senior citizen, person with disabilities, foreigners, and homemaker. We enjoyed the pictorial a great deal so you can see how we beam the fun in our smiles:

English - KoreanTranslation

I was told by Lyn, my Korean officemate that she could not make sense of the statement below -

우리의 "대리인" - Chanho 김 두목 씨는 저와 동료를 요구했다 - 씨 Mo Cheol 홍, Gwangju 공동체 매체 센터를 위한 선전용 소책자를 해 사진사를 위한 모형으로 자세에 말레이지아의 Thency. 건물은 1년 및 취임된 정당했던 것을 위해 지난 달 건설되었다. 그들은 알리는 공중의 권리 정보에 자유 접근 법률의 의향 훨씬 것과 같이 장소를 승진시키고 싶다; 센터는 공중에 접근 가능하다 Gwangju의 두 국내 시민 다 및 그것의 외빈 또는 방문자. 이렇게 우리의 fotos는 센터의 단면도의 대부분에서 가지고 갔다: 방을, 방을 편집하는 영상 편집하는, 뉴스 편집실, 소리 또는 음악 등등.

저희의 단면도 모형: 무력에 노인, 사람, 외국인 및 주부. 우리는 화보를 훌륭한 제의로 즐겼다 그래서 당신은 우리의 미소에 있는 재미가 우리에 의하여 어떻게 빛나는지 볼 수 있다:

Korean- English Translation - This is what it says using Babel Fish:

Our "substitute" - the Chanho Kim chief Sea demanded the writing and the colleague and - in the model for the photographer to do the propaganda booklet for Sea Mo Cheol Hong and the Gwangju community medium center in attitude the Thency. of Malaysia 1 years building and hazard the previous month was constructed the fact that it is legitimate is inaugurated. Them intention of free access law with the thing want being promoted a place to right information of the air which it informs far together,; The center approach is two local citizens of the Gwangju which is possible in air and it guest or the visitor. Our fotos had like this from most of the profile of the center and they went,: The image which edits the room it edits the room, the news editing thread, sound or music etc.. Our profile model: In military force old person, person, foreigner and housewife.

We enjoy with the proposal which is fine anger step and to be like that you the fun which is to our smiles by us we are how and light I Ji is a possibility of seeing,:

(image source-

Spanish Translation ( of course I don't fully understand but it seems it makes sense)

Nuestro “agente” - Sr. Chanho Kim del jefe preguntó me y a colega - Thency de Malasia a la actitud como modelos para Sr. Mo Cheol-hong, fotógrafo que hace un folleto promocional para el centro de los medios de la comunidad de Gwangju. El edificio fue construido por un año e inauguró el mes pasado justo. Desean promover el lugar como como el intento de la ley la derecha del público de ser informado y acceso libre a la información; el centro es accesible al público ambos los ciudadanos locales de Gwangju y sus huéspedes o visitantes extranjeros. Nuestros fotos fueron tomados tan en la mayor parte de las secciones del centro: news-room, sonido/música que corrige el sitio, vídeo que corrige el sitio, etc.

El perfil de nosotros modelos: jubilado, persona con inhabilidades, extranjeros, y casero. Gozamos de la revista ilustrada mucho así que puedes ver cómo emitimos la diversión en nuestras sonrisas:

Using Babel Fish - Spanish - English Translation:
Our "agent" - Mr. Chanho Kim of the head asked me and colleague - Thency from Malaysia to the attitude like models for Mr. Mo Cheol-hong, photographer who makes a promotional pamphlet for the center of means of the community of Gwangju. The building was constructed by a year and inaugurated the last month just. They wish to promote the place like like the attempt of the law the right of the public of being informed and free access to the information; the center is accessible to the public both the local citizens of Gwangju and their foreign guests or visitors. Our photos were taken so in most from the sections of the center: news-room, sonido/música that the site corrects, video that corrects the site, etc.

The profile of us models: pensioner, person with incapacities, foreigners, and caretaker. We enjoyed the informed magazine much so you can see how we emitted the diversion in our smiles:

Well, I could really get lost in this translation - it is so hard to make a head and a tail. But it is fun. I did have a big laugh about it.

I hope to see funny translation from other bloggers.