Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fighting ! first post at NANOWRIMO Forum

Below is my first posting to Korea and Philippines Regional fora.

Well today, I was able to accomplish a bit beyond the day’s quota. I feel good about it. I have 15,697 words as a balance since my output is only 7,641 of the desired 23,338. I never been these numerically conscious since I am suppose to play with words but with Nanowrimo I have to compute, add and subtract.

I am not sure where my words are going and added up to since I am here in Korea now but I made both countries (Korea and Philippines as my regions). I just discovered the widget for my word count to put in my blog as well.

Also found that in the word count score board
Philippines is ranked 102 with a total of 955,460 words and some 35 dollars donation
Korea where I am now is at number 225 with total words of 337,268 and zero donation.

Oh by the way, anyone into erotic fiction here?

Anyone into i-google? If you have gmail account then sign up for it and be sure to have mapmyworddictionary apps – it is like a mind map of words or thesaurus. Of course wiktionary (i like it better compared to the online Mirriam-Webster), wikipedia and google search are such big help for me to expound and pad my draft hehhee…

Fighting! so the Korean expression goes, to cheer us up to 50 K.

Write, write… write and write some more…

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