Friday, February 01, 2008

Entrecard , my distraction and its new features

One of the interesting distractions I discovered lately on the net is ENTRECARD. Indeed it is very cool. Imagine seeing your face (hey, I have not come up with my blog logo yet!) in other peoples blog as an advertisement is ego-boosting (narcissism, anyone?) especially that you are driving traffic to your blog in the process.

So what I have observed lately? Wow! I get upset when my ad gets rejected. And some entrecard owners would require message for you to place ad, for me it is annoying why not just check my blog (so I have traffic) and find it out. So which category do I put my ad? Well in a place where it is fun and safe HUMOR Category! So far I have not received any rejection as of this time. Thank you folks! And I am discovering lots of interesting stuff in their blogs aside from making me sane from their insane jokes.

Well I never reject any ad, for me anything goes, it is an opportunity for me to get to know other blogs and for me to be introduced to their readers. Also for the benefit of the new comers I observed that it will be better to keep the value of my entrecard lower so I get people to advertise in my site. Case in point is that those who advertises at a cheaper price and at the fastest time of approval gets taken so easily. I dont have much point to purchase ad and I dont want to queue so I look for other site thatcould offer want I am looking for and most of the time it is from the new comers.

I look forward for more interesting and fun things to do with the use of entrecard.

So here are the new features that entrecard has to offer to its members:

A new dashboard look

...oops it pops up!

want some more news...

so exchange drop with your visitors

this is my drop rank - casual and relaxed (stress free heheheh !)


reynz said...

I reject a lot of advertisers on my site. hehehe! They must be annoyed at me. What I don't like from entrecard is that I am not really gaining readers rather clickers who probably have not even read the headlines on my blog. Not against them but Entrecard is giving the wrong impression that you will instantly get a traffic although it does offers an opportunity for you to be discovered out there by some bloggers which is what i am doing now on your site.

What I did with entrecard is use it to the benefit of my readers whom i want to advertise there.

I'm not sure if you're na OFW, I would assume so - which is why I approved you. hehehehe

World Peace!

reyna elena dot com

Pete Rahon said...

i am very much an ofw in so many sense - i blog - wanting it to be OFW-centric one actually but I am not able to update it much - tht link is:

well you see there is good in entrecard after all, in my case I really do visit those that drop their cards and scheme - if it interests me then I do read their entry. But I found out that most of those who are into entrecard happen to be into mybloglog or blogcatalog , so I add them as contact or friends - online or cyber buddies, still thinking of ways to be more up close and personal with them though.

thanks for approving my ad.

good wishes,