Sunday, February 10, 2008

Much ado about Entrecard

It is the latest craze among bloggers and it is doing them a lot of good. Various contests are being created for bloggers to win points for them to advertise their blogs and for the generous to give-away.

Also today I just created at blogcatalog a Pinoy entrecard group with this link:

There is a blog about it now and I would like to keep up with Filipino entrecard members for easy access so I could easily keep updated with Filipino bloggers and advertise in their blogs.

Then I found this revised contest by Nhuong Son about entrecard. I think I' ve signed up as forum member to the Asian Economist forum he also created. So the revise contest has now a simplifier instruction unlike other contests that is so complicated to follow so I just ignore most of them so let's try this one again. Well I think more than winning is also an opportunity to acknowledge the effort of bloggers. So here are the rules to his contest (or visit this link):


1. Write about this contest on your blog linking to my site using this link: The Asian Economist (5 entries)

2. Subscribe to my blog through email (2 entries)

3. Comment in this post (1 entry)

You can do just ONE of the above or do ALL 3 and get a total of 8 entries.

Contest ends on February 12, 2008 and the winner will be announced on February 13, 2008,


Equally interesting is an article he wrote about entrecard from an economist point of view. Below is just an excerpt and a link to his site to read the full article. Wow I did not recognize that 75% tax is deducted in my transactions and that black market activities is a big possibility- hmmm, it seems virtual economy have this tendency.

Inflation in the EntreCard Community

EntreCard is an advertising platform for bloggers. You gain EntreCredit though dropping your card on other people’s blog, or other people dropping their cards on your blog, or other people could buy advertisement on your blog. Amazingly though, EntreCredit can also buy you other things such as a logo design, a review of your blog, even iTunes Gift certificate! EntreCard works because it forces people to go onto other member’s blog and drop a card. Some believe this is bad traffic, but for me traffic is traffic. Back to EntreCard.

This “miniature” economy that EntreCard is creating is booming, opposite what the real U.S economy is doing. They have over 2,500 bloggers and growing in less then 3 months of opening. Basically the more sites you visit, the more cards you drop, the more friends that drops a card on your blog, the more EntreCredit you can get. People work hard to gain those credits. In a way, EntreCredit does have real world value. People actually are selling EntreCredit for real-life currency, and you can also buy EntreCredit with real-life currency. Bloggers are evening thinking about putting services they buy using EntreCredit on their tax return .

Read more.

And lastly, there are different opinions about entrecard and here is a blog that says otherwise:

Entrecard Another Loser

So let us see and read what other folks have to say.

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