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Post On Fire

Unlike other social bookmarking allows you to bookmark your own blog entry. For as long as it is quality posting. They have their users to fire you or heat up and vote on your posting or extinguish it, so bloggers ought to be careful and cautious with their submissions.

I just observed that their blog is not navigable, it took me several minutes to find out about them or the link to their blog so I quoted them here extensively so to give you readers a comprehensive background. This entry is linked to their blog so you can find this it out for yourselves.

What caught me about them is their contest that award entrecard points. I am entrecard craze these days since it is driving visitors to my blog so I am keeping up with the goings on at entrecard. So this motivates me to make a review about postonfire. They have the contest mechanics found below.

Bloggers promote bloggers. Their fellow bloggers are their own marketing arms and at the same time consumers. The amazing reciprocity among bloggers is making themselves ever networked. I find it cool to see myself in a bloggers widget and in the ad button. This is the principle that is presently governing bloggers a “click-of-mouse” spread of information as opposed to the word-of-mouth marketing strategy. And postonfire is keeping up the flame to network bloggers and promote their services the un-tradtional way with their contest. After all bloggers are their own keepers.

It can be observed that in the blogosphere there are so many contests that are initiated by bloggers and it is meant also to award or recognize their fellow bloggers effort. And these buttons and icons are proudly displayed in the winner’s blogsites. Even if the blog is nominated it is good enough as a blog décor and boost one’s blog morale. Writing or blogging for that matter is a lonely job. As Paulo Coleho would say it is the writer’s dream to be read (translate that to - it is the blogger’s desire to be commented on or it is the blogger’s dream to be awarded a blog prize?).

Postonfire will remain aflame if bloggers remain hot with the unique service it will offer.

PostOnFire community is growing rapidly, bloggers everywhere love the idea of voting & submitting blog posts. Without any launch-day promotion, we have several hundred users, thousands of link submission & votes.

And that’s only in less than 2 months.

Now is the time to have a contest and spread the word about PostOnFire.

Post on Fire Contest

-There will be 1 winner

-And The prizes are:

a) 1 banner at on the sidebar on every page (100s of pages - site wide)
On (Jan 2008) we had 20,000+ unique visitors, 500,000+ hits.
By March 2008 (where we’ll add the winner banners’)the traffic should be way more than Jan.

b) 1 banner at PostOnFire Blog ( main page PR3)
At this blog we always try to provide quality content to attract quality readers like you.

c) 2000 EntreCard credits ( That’s a good amount of credits to buy tons of ads)
With an average ad price of 40EC you can advertise your banner in about 50 different blogs or website.

d) I’ll also write a review of your blog (I love blog hopping & surfing other people blogs)

This is a bonus
* The 2 banner 125×125 static image (for the whole month of March 2008 - (31 days))
**Rules for the contest**

It’s so easy to enter this contest, we simply need to spread the word about PostOnFire.
So, if you like us and find that we offer a valuable community that benefits every blogger, you can simply write a short review about us( even one paragraph with a link to is great ) - That’s it -

The contest will begin on (01 Feb 2008) & will end on (24 March 2008), the winner will have a couple of days to send me the banner image. & the banner will run from (01 March 2008) till (31 March 2008)

I’ll select a random winner on (25 Feb 2008)
**And to be fair with everyone**
Anyone who writes a review will get a permanent link back to the review post from this blog.

What is PostOnFire? & Why Should I Join?

PostOnFire is a social networking site for bloggers & blog readers. It is a FREE online service and anybody can register. PostOnFire includes a voting system that put our readers in control of which blog posts should be in the front page.

PostOnFire users discover & share the best blog posts on the net. When a new link to a blog post is submitted, it will be added instantly to our "just submitted" section. When a blog post link in the "just submitted" section receives enough votes and less "extinguish", it will move to the front page "hot posts". "Extinguish" is a feature that let users report a link that is not worthy or it's a spam. When a blog post link receives too much "extinguish", it will be discarded. is a FREE online service that lets users to participate in an online community and share news or blog posts. Users can networks and communicate with each others easily. PostOnfire Users create their own online profile with options to add photo and links to their blog and other contact information. Users can make friends easily by using the add friend feature from the profile, sending comments or instant messages.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should join the PostOnFire community:

1. One place to discover the hottest blog posts on the Internet.
2. Your own free account to save & bookmark your favorite blog posts.
3. Vote, Discuss & share any blog posts or news story. You become a news-master.
4. Your Own social profile with links to your blog.
5. Network & Make friends with bloggers & blog readers.
6. A chance to be on our hot users list.
7. A chance to have your blog/site on our top 10 blog list.

How Does A Blog Post Become On Fire?

When a PostOnFire user submit a blog post, it will be listed under “Just Submitted” section.
When the post receives a certain amount of votes, it becomes so hot & moves under “Hot Post”section.

Blog Post Submission Guidelines

* Blog Post Quality: Only submit good blog posts including your own.
* Link Directly to the Post: Don't link to the homepage. Make it easy for readers and link directly to the actual blog post.
* Avoid Duplicate submission: By searching to make sure the blog post is not submitted already.
* Good Title: The title of the story is so important. Change the title if required to make it simple & more accurate.
* Good Description: Add a good description in your own words. Don't just copy from the orginal blog post.
* Don\'t submit Spam: Spam will be detected & discarded either by a moderator or by Akismet. If you wanna add links & description to your own site, you can do so in your profile only.

Relatively new

It was started in December 2007. They now have several hundreds of members based on the postings and the profile below. Among the categories includes Business and Money; Arts; Health and Fitness; Entertainment; Life; Politics; Sports; Technology; Gaming; Logging; Pets; and Religion. As of writing the most number of postings are in the category of Life, Entertainment and Technology. Religion does not have any posting as of yet.

User stats : midwest

Joined: 2007-12-15

Total links: 31

Published links: 28

Comments: 0

Votes: 114

Published votes: 68

Karma: 10.20

Last 5 people to view this profile:
peterahon laneyjane1 Bobbio allworldauto lesbecker

(abridged version of this post was originally posted at QASSIA.)


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