Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Special Lunch with Pete" a video docu project

Every year The May 18 Memorial Foundation (our office) recruits volunteers to help us in the conduct of the May 18 events. The volunteers are assigned to different teams. These volunteers after the May 18 events will be asked to apply for international volunteer work, they can chose to volunteer or become interns for 10 months to our partners and networks in Asia and the USA.

One of the teams is the Culture and Solidarity Team which has three functions - media and PR, international programme, and culture.The media and PR unit is now in the process of training volunteers to do video documentation. Of the three groups formed, from among the volunteers assigned to the Media and PR decided to make me as their "guinea pig". So they dubbed their project - Special Lunch with Pete.

At past 10:00 AM we went to E-mart for the first segment of the video. They interviewed me while they do the grocery, then took photo on the way home and cooked and eat lunch. We had a very nice meal, Korean pizza for appetizer, nakji bukkom and denjang soup. Jeonn Hoon brought with him home made kimchi and bukboonja (rasberry wine), compared to the commercial one we drink, the one made by his dad tastes so good, the alcohol content is much higher even and it tastes more sweet and not sour.

The final output of their video project will be shown and I will be an audience to their premiere. So let's see how they will work on the pre to post production of their video. I hope to get a copy and will post it here.

So here goes our fotos:

at E-mart Grocery we were told not to do video recording, but we did just the same
(L-R ji eun, jeong hoon, yun mi, geum jeong)

posing at the park on the way home

ji-eun singing What's up - video below

nakji bukkom - octupus in spicy sauce

the cooks - Geum Jeong and Yun mi

ji-eun prepares batter for the Korean pizza
jeong hoon now captured by the camera while taking video

let's eat! hmmm... masissoyo, delicious, bebolayo, am full

dong yeol, the religious, he was late and came after we've finished lunch,
he just came from a church service

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