Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Greeting for my Mahal

Silly, squashy, sappy, mushy…

Well it is the season of sentiments, the seasons of love. I found another contest from this site, it is not the prize that is important for me but celebrating with other lovers our passion of greeting online our dearest and beloved (last day today):

I am definitely pathetic, so here is the eros of my pathos (sorry folks as they said, it is sweeter to speak your own language/mother tongue when saying love and other endearing words, ask around for translation):

Sa aking giliw,

Nangangatog na ang aking tuhod sa ginaw ng aircon; nanginginig ang mga daliri sa pagtipa ng keyboard; nababaluktot na rin ang direksiyon ng pointer sa pagpindot ng mouse; nangingindat-ngindat na ang mata sa katititig sa screen; ang aking baywang sa matagal na pagkakaupo ngawit na rin, subalit lahat kakayanin, mabuo lamang ang mga katagang kailangan kong ma-decode sa isip ng sa gayon aking ma-encode sa puso ang tunay kong damdamin, kahit man lang sa e-mail, handog at alay ko sa iyo WAGAS kong PAGMAMAHAL!

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Emoporer said...

For a moment there, i thought you meant mahal as in the word for expensive in malay. That would actually be a very cute thing to call your other half. She is and should be the most expensive thing in your eyes after all. Haha!

Happy Valentines Day!


p.s. I'm learning so many lovey dovey names today.
p.s.p.s. Anyway i could get a translation of that? :P

Pete Rahon said...

yes indeed a lot of Filipino words have similarities with Bahasa Malaysia and Indonesia, definitely your beloved is someone dear and expensive- or to say perfectly - priceless

so i tried translating it here it goes:

to you dearest,

my knees are shaking cold from the aircon; my fingers are trembling typing in the keyboard, the pointer gets misdirected clicking the mouse; my eyes keep on blinking staring at the screen; my hips are tired sitting down for a long time; but I will conquer all these maladies so that I may be able to decode those words in my mind and encode them in my heart my true feelings even if it is just in email, it is my offer and gift to you my real and true love.

Emoporer said...

Priceless, now that's a better word! That dear might take 'expensive' the wrong way and think you're saying she's high maintenance. Haha!

Aww, that's so sweet... where is your priceless other half anyway, if i may ask? And if read in Filipino, would what you wrote be a poem? Thanks for taking the trouble to translate by the way. Love the way you use encode, decode and maladies. I want to them like that too!


p.s. Oh darn, V-day is over.. so soon.

Pete Rahon said...

my beloved is in the Philippines and I am a migrant worker here in Korea. It is a free verse rather than poem ( classic poets might scold us to call it poetry).

check out the site they've come out with winners already.