Saturday, February 23, 2008

WOW, Taglish na ang Blogger

Hahahaha (malutong, crispy(?), hehehe) that was my reaction !

I tried switching the language from English to Taglish (not Filipino technically). There are some funny and unusual words that are being used or to say an appropriation of Filipino.

inu-upload - ini-uupload/ina-upload (this is hard)

preview - silip (tanaw/patingin?)

etiketa - I easily associated with ethics - bansag/pamagat could be an alternative

i-publish - could be ilathala /ilimbag

Especially that language (a national language) remains a very sensitive issue in the Philippines. Is it language or dialect? A question that linguists and social scientists are coming up with a consensus.

I do subscribe that Filipinos are for real multi-lingual, not speaking different dialects. A writer asked whether Ilocano (or the other so called dialects) is dialect of which language, definitely not Filipino or Tagalog since an Ilocano won't understand or be able to talk to a Tagalog speaker. Definitely my paternal uncle in Ilocos who has never been to Manila won't be able to speak with a maternal uncle who live most of his life in Manila.

So for that reasons at least there will be more than 70 languages in the Philippines. Well we have more than 7,107 islands (depends if it is high tide or low tide, right Ms. Binibining Filipinas-Universe).

Bring a Filipino (migrant worker or as spouse of any nationality) to any country and in a year or two he/she will be conversant of the language. Except me as shown in this blog that I am still in a toddler's level.

At least I won't get lost anymore blogging. It is so challenging that once you are in a different country say here in Korea - most search engines, installers, even blogger for that matter would assume that I can read Korean, ugh ( am still a toddler, my reading skills). Good thing my mouse is good at intuiting and finding its way through the maze so I was able to race on blogging. Funny because I still used the bottom menu (picture below) to switch from English-Filipino. Well at least I still find my ways blogging. One time I open the Blogger the menu and language was all in Korean, I just pointed the the mouse to the hypertext and saw in the address bar - language -presto I was given an option to choose. Then one time I think I accidentally click on transliteration - wow, my blog is being written in Hindi.

This effort of blogger is definitely laudable. Of course there will always be areas for improvement. But I wonder how many Filipino bloggers will be switching to Taglish given that Pinoy bloggers are so used in using English.

Still, this is such a great recognition that Taglish or Filipino for that matter is a unique and beautiful language too.

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