Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dealing with credit cards bad credit

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One of my good friend is complaining to me about her predicament with her credit cards bad credit. She have not just one credit card but several credit cards with bad credits.

It has been her practice to withdraw money from one credit card to pay loan to another, thus, the loan interest compounds and she was not able to juggle her funds properly so she ended up with a bad record, real credit cards bad credit.

It is causing her lots of anxiety since the credit cards bad credit is now skyrocketing to hundred thousand of pesos. She is so problematic on how to pay all her loans.

Unfortunately services to address this credit cards bad credit is not widely available back in the country unlike other countries. Desperate she would whine that in good times when she was in good standing with these credit card companies they would offer her their services and promos. These days with her credit cards bad credit status she would receive irate and threatening calls from these credit card companies.

It really takes a lot of financial sensibilities and not a wanton spending habit to deal with credit cards bad credit.

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