Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fernando Zamora, political cartoonist

An editorial cartoon definitely makes newspaper reading more interesting. Especially if it is well executed it could grossly depicts situations and conditions or subtly suggests through symbols and hidden meanings. I do like visual arts and appreciate a great deal artists and other creative people. So when I was asked if my blog could be added to an artist's blog roll, indeed for me that is such a big honor and privilege. There are different kinds of artists and Mr. Fernando C. Zamora is one of those that I admire because he creates art that capture reality, social issues and other concerns that encourages and inspires an individual to understand and make a stand.

Below is a citation of his work which he keeps at the bottom of his blog (very humble indeed).

My congratulations to SSD editorial cartoonist Fernando Zamora. If a picture is worth a thousand words – which it usually is then I am humbled by the cartoon. No column or two can depict more succinctly the story that the cartoon wove between the lines of the caricatures. ‘What isthere between Advincula and Mahipus? I can hazard a guess, but I would be denying the readers the pleasure of conjecture.’ And what is the story? The story is that Councilor Diosdado Mahipus wants the city council to look into investigate – the ins and out of the Barangay Integrated Development Program or BIDP, specially the manner in which the funds released for the program was spent.

(A point of propriety; a matter of meanings by Rene Espleta Bartolo, Sun-Star Davao Columnist)

To read more about him you can check his blogsite with this link:


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Pete Rahon said...

Pagpupugay sa inyong kamahalan!

Syempre naman papasyalan ang reyna lalo na at ang aking ad ay pinayagan ( well checking on the ROI, hehehe). Napaka-bongacious naman talaga, ang blog, salamat sa comments at dalaw.

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Fernando C. Zamora said...

i was elated when i see my blog in your blog. thanks bro and all the best for you! keep up the good blog!