Sunday, March 30, 2008

Twitter: driving blog readers, death of a former colleague, discovering my followers

...yeah indeed ages since my last post, after that long pause for commercial, ahem... well I have several stuff written in their draft form and so they are stale news and updates, ugh... getting caught up with the busy-ness of the prep work for the May 18 Commemorative Events here in Gwangju...

driving blog readers

So, what am I up to lately - hehehe, sweet-grin-twit-on-my-face, driving folks and re-discovering twitter...

I signed up for twitxr for my foto blog appearing on the side bar, I removed twitter since it can cross post with twitter. Then I found out lately that there is now twitpic to post pictures as well . I have tried it but have yet to put the widget in my other blogs.

Visitors to my blog are reported by the ever trustworthy feedjit. I am able to monitor those who come to my blog with from twitter and the country they came from.

death of colleague+

I added several Filipinos in my account and one guy recognized me, and he acquainted himself that we belong to the same NGO network. Of course I recognized him. But I was shocked by the news that I got from one of his feeds. He twitted this:

dungkal Our Board member, Danny Gatche, has just passed away :( So sad that this had to happen amidst our organizational problems.

peterahon my dear twitterfolks-followers id like 2 ask 4 your fave original twitter quote uv posted here 4 me 2 include in my list of fave n blog tnx Came this first reply:

fingertalks @peterahon : here's my fave twitter post

" Twitter is the extension of my memories, a sounding board, a prototype of human ear when no one seems available to hear my heart out"

Well, probing more about the author I came across a nice poem from this section of her blog it definitely voices out the same enthusiasm for which I created my blog 5 years ago.

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