Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyber-paparazzi: Blogger vs Politician

I first saw the issue blogged at Entrecard and was lead to the link of TechCrunch. I went through the comment section of TechCrunch blog and found a very interesting exchange.

So are bloggers becoming cyber-paparazzi, with the photo caption below?

I believe in the freedom of speech and I do subscribe with responsible writing. But the case here is that the blogger as differentiated with the the mainstream media is writing about her personal opinion and experience. But it is so happen t hat she blogged about a public figure so she suffered from what she blogged and got kicked-out from her job.

Well I think if mainstream media or even tabloid (as opposed to social media) was on the scene he could have landed in the papers. But it was a blogger who got the scoop.

I am definitely biased for the rights of the bloggers. The internet should be kept as an open space, a space for free speech, a democratic space.

Bloggers should know the consequence of their actions but they should not be persecuted just because they tarnish a politician's image. Who uses his powers to unreasonably get back on a blogger.

Keep the internet free! Free speech on the internet!

Respect Bloggers Rights!

(photo linked from TechCrunch blog)

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