Thursday, November 13, 2008

Give Us Your Best Shot!: Immunizers Travel Shots Photo Contest

I don't have an entry again for Litratong Pinoy so I will be posting this advert that I received from my mail box, message sent from my Flickr acount. I created a group at Flickr Manila, Aking Manila but have not updated or contributed to the group lately.

I hope litratista at LP can join this. Please check their rules at:

You've been sent a Flickr Mail from jandentonchua:


:: Immunizers Travel Shots Photo Contest

Hi! I saw that you are one of the administrators of the
Manila, Aking Manila group and I would like to invite you
and your members to join a digital photography competition!

Our company, Immunizers, is hosting “Give Us Your Best
Shot!,” our 1st Travel Shots Photo Contest which aims to
create an awareness for vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs)
relevant in traveling. There are 3 categories and each top
photo per category can win P10,000. :)

There are two easy ways to join:

1. You can go to our website, and go
to the Immunizers Travel Shots link. There you will find
the rules before you send your entries straight to

2. Now for those with Flickr accounts, you can just join
the group! and all the
rules are listed and you can drag and drop your pictures
there. :)

Deadline for entries is November 24, 2008.

Hope you could share the news with your members! Hope to
see your entries, too! :)


Anne Chua, MD

Anne Marie N. Lagman, MD
Chief Operations Manager
Immunizers, Inc.

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