Monday, November 03, 2008

Tagalog is No. 15 most popular at


I am so glad to see that Tagalog from obscurity is now No. 15 among the most popular languages at English and Portugues are on the top. There are total of 191 languages registered. With 4,796 users or contributors and a total of 34 editors. Having contributed lots of words I was invited to become editor so I can contribute more words. But pronouncing the words is a bit tedious task but fun.

It is fun to submit those words for others to hear them, am trying to learn as well how words I know in Spanish are being pronounced by other speakers from Spain and Latin America.

Ilokano is another language that I submitted and edits it is ranked at No. 21. I hope more Ilocanos will join and contribute. I have yet to see other languages of the Philippines.

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